Lake Ericson

Come on in! The water's great.

There are so many fun water activities to get your feet wet at Lake Ericson, so we're just going to dive right in! Here are our top 5 favorite ways to enjoy the water.

Lake Ericson


The lake has an excellent swimming area. With a sandy beach and shady sitting area, you will enjoy splashing in the water or reading your book as you watch the children play. The swimming area is marked off with floating buoys so be sure to stay inside them for safety.


You can also enjoy the afternoon by taking a journey down the Cedar River in a tank with your friends through "Get Tanked"—(picnic tables in plastic "tanks"). It's a hoot, and people come from all around Nebraska to experience it! For more information or to set up a tanking trip, go to

Tanking Nebraska
Nebraska fishing


Grab your fishing pole, and head to the dock. Lake Ericson offers prime fishing and even hosts an annual fishing competition. Read more about Lake Ericson fishing here.


Although Lake Ericson is a NO-Wake lake, we do welcome boats of all kinds and sizes, from pontoons to paddleboats. We offer a boat ramp as well as a handicapped fishing access dock to accommodate all of our visitors.

Lake Ericson


Whether it's a leisurely float or our competitive annual poker run, kayaking is a favorite past-time of visitors and residents alike. And with the stunning views and diverse wildlife to be seen, it's easy to understand why.