Open Letter to Ericson Lake Corporation & Members – July 2019

July 2, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Fred Gerber and I have been a property owner at Ericson Lake for 20 years.  As the spirit of the Ericson Lake Corporation has been to run on volunteerism, I was, and still am, happy to do what I can to help the lake develop and preserve the incredible progress that has been made since 1999.

We purchased the “Consumers Cabins” in 1999.  Shortly there after Cliff Johnson was so kind as to put in posts to the west of our cabins to keep anyone from driving into our property.  Those posts were a considerable distance outside of our lot line and allowed us to enjoy more lot space.  We have been taking care of that extra ELC land for the last 20 years and have never, and will never, consider trying to take that property from the Ericson Lake Corporation.

It is an immense task to keep this lake community serviced and looking as good as possible. Again, it takes volunteers for the proper upkeep and maintenance of this wonderful lake.  I would never consider the work we have done mowing ELC property as an opportunity to be greedy and selfish.  For those who are property owners and have never served on the board or volunteered to help, it is certainly understandable if time does not allow you to do so.  However, being respectful of those who do volunteer and work hard by at least maintaining your property and supporting the initiatives of the Ericson Lake Corporation are important.

Taking advantage of the Ericson Lake Corporation when you have done nothing to support it is at the very least, shameful.

Fred Gerber

Former Board Member

Current Volunteer