August 2016

ELC Board meeting minutes: August 20, 2016

President Joe Wadas called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM, with all members present. The meeting began with reciting the pledge of allegiance, and the mission statement.

The minutes of the July 16 meeting were approved.

Treasurer Paul Claus reported the following:

General fund: $11,780.27

Carousel…………. 7,010.18

Raffle……………… 6,174.52


Total: …………. $26,333.10

Board approved to pay remaining balance of Frahm Construction bill. The bank note is paid off.

There are currently 91 paid members. Eight reminder letters have been sent to those with unpaid dues.

It was noted that the trash pickup bill last month was approximately $1000. This due to an extra dumpster for the 4th of July weekend. Current trash removal cost is in $350 range.

It was also noted that electricity usage rises in the summer months due to camper AC usage. Camper fees continue to fund these expenses.

Agenda items included the following old business:

Thoughts on the 100-year celebration and the time capsule. No action was taken on the time capsule. Consensus was to wait until later to make final decision.

Members of the centennial committee were present to report on and discuss the events held.

Amy Chambers had the following comments: The 5K run and paddle poker were the biggest events. It was suggested by the committee that we provide these events again, but due to the amount of work involved, they not be held on the same day. The committee thanked the several board members who also volunteered to help with the centennial celebration.

Discussion was held on distribution of proceeds from these events and methods to gain more sponsors. It was decided to delay decisions on these until the end of the year.

A printed copy of the report will be attached to these minutes.

The turtle race committee is prepared for their event on September 3.

On the question of fund-raising for the fireworks display, board chose to leave it as an option choice on the annual dues notice.

Book sales: No report available

Dock agreements: No action taken

Report on the raffle: All that is left is to submit paper work with the state. It was noted that we pay 2% tax on ticket sales.

There is nothing new on the burn program with Pheasants Forever.

Regarding cameras for spillway, there is nothing new. The internet connection at the dam is not working as desired, but work is in progress to fix the bugs.

New Business:

On standardizing benches: Locally fabricated would be good. This will be explored further.

Street signs: County board will give $1,250 toward this when a bill for the signs is submitted.

Cedar tree removal on the easement east of the dam will take place on the September 17th work day.

Trees over dam, and other trees over lake property. This needs to be a priority. Board will continue to seek estimates. One estimate is pending, due to time constraints.

Concerning a grant for lake improvements, Larry Belz will continue to gather more information, and report at a later time.

Led lights on the Blvd: No action taken

Security at campgrounds: No action taken

Equipment: Some discussion and bids were examined. It was moved by Chris, seconded by Mike to lease a new Bobcat skid steer loader at the cost of $1,500 annually for 100 hours use, from Kayton International. Motion carried by unanimous vote. It was moved by Paul that we purchase a snow bucket w/o board approval if an opportunity arises. Motion seconded by Tom second. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Paul moved we sell the pickup/dozer and purchase a trailer for the sprayer. Motion seconded by ____ ? Motion carried.

Lake Auction: We will block off the parking lot across from the ELC building to use for larger sale items, rather than carry them all to the carousel. Trailers will be used to display smaller items. This will also make it easier for the auctioneer.

Camping reservations: Camping spots are not reserved if not paid. Discussion was held on the possibility of raising tent camping fee to $10. No action taken on this.

A question was raised concerning Wheeler Co. Foundation grants. Do we have need of any for Lake projects? No action taken.

It was suggested we place advertising at the campgrounds, so that campers know what activities are available for their enjoyment. No action taken.

The next regular board meeting will be held Sept 17. This is also fall cleanup day.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Schoenenberger, Secretary

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