October 17, 2020 Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, October 17, 2020  9:30 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas

Pledge of Allegiance

Mission Statement

Roll Call
     Present: Joe Wadas, Amy Gizinski, Ashley Kaiser, Donna Uhrenholdt, Jerry Schoenenberger,
Nick Merriman
Absent:  Tom Haase, Chris Levander, Kevin Hlavac, Mike Knake, Norm Meith, Paul Claus Jr.

Other Present:  Cindy Schure

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last meeting is posted on the lake’s website.  Joe made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, Second by Nick, Motion Carried.

Treasurers Report:
As of September 30, 2020 the account balances are:
General Fund ———- $15,328
Paypal Act. ————- $7,810
Extra Act. ————— $55.22
Events Comm. ——— $15,795

Some larger bills needing paid in October include insurance, bobcat lease and attorney bills.  There is a balloon payment for the loan at the bank for $9,850.86 due in November which will leave us with a shortfall.  Options were discussed #1- asking the back to extend the due date until after the first of the year when memberships come in. #2 – take a loan from the events committee to be repaid.  After discussion, it was unanimous it was not in our best interest for the future to ask for a loan extension from the new bank owners.  Motion was made by Amy to ask events committee for permission to borrow the amount for the loan payment with a promissory note and amortization schedule to be repaid.  Seconded by Nick.  Motion carried.  Events Committee Co-chairs present at the meeting Ashley Kaiser & Donna Uhrenholdt approved the request.  Co-chairs Lori Hlavac and Amy Chambers were contacted and also in agreement.

Question was made if we need to belong to the following organizations and pay memberships, roughly $40-50 each.
Loup River Byway, Yes.  This is the annual publication that goes out to promote outdoor recreation and camping. Ericson Lake is listed in their magazine that goes out and on their website for camping and outdoor recreation.

Wheeler County Foundation, yes.  They give out donations and different types of funding we have received being a member.

Burwell Chamber of Commerce, Yes.  They allow us to promote the lake on their website along with posing our events for free being a member on their websites and lighted billboard at the Nebraska Rodeo

Loup Basin RC&D Council, Yes.  They handled the Cedar River Corridor project that is part of the Cedar River Stabilization project that stabilized several miles of Cedar Riverbank after the flood there is a study on how well that stabilization worked.  Being a member we are able to use their data gathered when applying for grants and funding.  More information on the project

Insurance: Ashley was looking into quoting the lakes insurance to compare to what we have currently.  There are very few carriers that will write lakes or dams.  The couple options available will not look at us while we are involved in a lawsuit.  We will keep things where they are now and revisit again after the lawsuit is done and prior to our next renewal date.

New Business
Cindy Schure made an introduction to everyone.  Her and her husband John bough the yellow cabin on the west side of the lake.  Welcome John & Cindy.

Thank you to Norm Mieth for all of his research done on the lake’s behalf gathering documents and researching records for the lawsuit.  He has saved the lake a tremendous amount of money.

Thank you to Tony Levander, Kevin Knott & Carl Mettenbrink.  They have done quite a bit of the work that was on the fall clean up agenda already.

Thank you again to Carl Mettenbrink, Kevin Knott, Mike Armstrong, Jerry Kleine, Ron Johnson and Joe Wadas for installing the boards and winterizing the dam gates.

November Meeting will in person with the option for zoom if you are not able to attend

Motion made by Amy and seconded by Ashley to enter into Executive session at 10:07 AM
Left Executive session at 10:27 AM

Motion by Ashley to adjourn the meeting,  Seconded by Amy.

We will have a meeting in November if necessary, otherwise after the first of the year.

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary