October 16, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, October 16, 2021  9:30 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas

Pledge of Allegiance

Mission Statement

Roll Call
     Present: Joe Wadas, Ashley Kaiser, Jerry Schoenenberger, Norm Mieth, Cyndi Schure
Mike Knake, Paul Claus Jr.,
Absent:  Tom Haase, Amy Gizinski, Nick Merriman, Kevin Hlavac, Roger Helgoth

Others Present:  John Schure

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last meeting are posted on the lake’s website and an emailed to board members last month. Paul made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, Second by Jerry.  Motion carried.

Treasurers Report:
Amy was not able to be present at the meeting and submitted the following treasurers report via email prior to meeting .
Balances as of 10/11/21 are as follows:

General Account:  $20,889.04

Event Committee Account:  $11,791.89

Online Deposits Account (Paypal, WePay, Amazon):  $7,479.64

Money Market Account:  $4461.94 (Breakout of funds within listed below):

  • Dam Fund:  $1,500
  • Playground Fund:  $2,520.58
  • Fireworks Fund:  $391.00
  • Interest Income:  $0.12

Insurance Update.

Here are the current policies that I will still need to pay.  I will do so as soon as I receive the invoice from the insurance company

  • The Directors & Officers is renewal flat at $683.
  • The General Liability was up for market this year. Last year the premium was $1,662 but that company is no longer writing lakes. The most competitive quote I have for you is from Cincinnati Specialty (sister company to Cincinnati who writes the property and equipment) and it $203 more than you were paying last year.  The other quote they provided was an increase of $423.  Thus, Joe signed the policy for the one with only the $203 increase


Campsite Reservation Software Update.

I have more work to do on providing the analysis requested and making a full recommendation.  However, here’s what I know as of today.

  • I did call Lakeshore Marina Campground (Johnson Lake area) who is currently listed as a campsite on Campspot.  They had not had any problems with the site.  The gentleman whom I spoke to mentioned another campsite nearby had told him about Roverpass after he had implemented Campspot. So, I did set up a demo with Roverpass.  I had to reschedule it to this Friday due to work conflicts.
  • I was able to connect with Ed Knott on whether the current website is PCI compliant.  He was fairly confident in this, so we shouldn’t have an issue with additional charges.
  • Brittany sent me over the Paypal info and the 2021 camp site reservation listing.  I still need to do work here on the analysis requested to provide
  • Once I meet with Roverpass, and put together the analysis, I will provide a full recommendation.  If I’m able to get that accomplished before Saturday, I will send an update.   Otherwise, I will send via email as soon as I’m able


Other Financial Update

I have the funds set up in Aplos, and now need to upload all of the data from 2021 into it.  Ashley sent me over the donors the Event Committee had for the year.  And, I will be working to create the full list of donors.  My goal is still to be able to do tax statements this year, and provide an online membership renewal form that can also be used for the newsletter.  I will take a day off from work in the coming weeks if I’m not able to get to it in the evenings, so we can get this knocked out and over the goal line.  Thanks for your patience this year with me learning the software and getting things setup

Paul advised we just received a bill from the attorney for $1,107

Ashley Made a motion to approve treasures report, Second by Mike.  Motion Carried


Events Committee
Farm & Ranch Raffle Winner was drawn on 10/15/2021. Congratulations Kathy Mettenbrink.
Thank you to Sapp Brothers for their donation.
Raffle proceeds were $770 that will be going towards the fireworks fund.
We will be having another Farm & Ranch Raffle in early 2022.

Tornado Shelter update.  We received an update from the windfarm the tornado shelters we were hoping to purchase have been moved to another job site out of state and it does not appear that they will be for sale any time soon now if at all.  The cost of the new shelters we have been looking at have increased drastically.  We are looking at some other options.  There is another company in South Dakota that makes smaller shelters.  We are going to look into the cost of getting 3 smaller ones to have at each campsite and 1 by the ELC Building.  Could also be done in phases then.   Will continue to raise funds and look at options.

Christmas Light Display.  We are looking at doing a Trail of Lights fundraiser, a ride through Christmas light display on the back trailer.   We are going to start asking for donations of Christmas lights and decorations. If you have any lights, decorations, cords etc. you would like to donate.  Also if anybody has any generators that they would like to lend for the event.


Old Business
Invasive Weeds – There have been some invasive weeds found around the lake.  Kevin is going to do some spraying this fall.

Playground Equipment: No new update on the playground equipment.

Ice Eater – Tom purchased and donated an ice eater to go in at the dam to keep water circulating and keep the gates from freezing up.  He is going to work on getting that ready to go in in the next couple weeks.

Campsite Reservations – Update covered in Amy’s treasurer’s report.

Recreational Roads Project  – Roger sent out letters to the City and County to get their support to begin looking into the process on their end.


New Business

Fall Cleanup Day is today – We are just needing to do some preventative maintenance.  Mike Armstrong is putting concreate on the washout along the berm.  Paul is going to winterize some of the hydrants and wells at the campsites.

Dam Repairs – Joe has not gotten the new sensor in yet.  It is not the exactly the same as the old one an the guy just emailed him the instructions for installing the new style.
The REA has shut the power off without notice several times lately for work projects and moving a house in the area, we are now not able to read the dam monitoring system.  Joe contacted them regarding needing to give us notice when they know they are going to be turning power off so we can take necessary measures, this could potentially be at $12,000 fix.

Winterizing Dam – We are going to wait until we have some more people available to put plans in the dam for winter.  With Tom’s Ice Eater we may not need to put as many in.

Plammadon Area Project – A new property owner on Plammadon Street contacted the board wanting to see about the possibilities for draining the area around his cabin.  He would be willing to pay for gravel if we can let him know what improvements can be made.  Board members are going to look at the area to see what options there are.

Range – The property next to the range contacted the board.  He has had two cows shot and killed from people shooting at the range.  This is becoming a liability for the lake, so please use common sense.  We will discuss future options of what to do with that property at the annual meeting.

Signage – We are needing new signs for the camp site areas that have updated prices and rules. The place that has made our signs in the past is out of business.  Several board members are going to looking into cost of local places they know.

Repairs – 3 spigots on hydrants have been changed. 2 by the swim beach and 1 at the dam campsite.  We will be receiving a bill for those.

Rock – This spring we are going to need more rock at the river campsite and at the dam campsite turn around.

It was brought up that it would be nice to have a set of pallet forks for the skid loader.  We are going to look into cost.

Executive Session:
Motion was made by Ashley and Second by Paul to enter into executive session at 10:37 am.
Left executive session at 10:54 am

Motion by Joe to adjourn meeting, Second by Jerry.  Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting will be November 20th, 9:30 AM

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary