July 4, 2020 Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Board Meeting
Saturday, July 4, 2020 – 12:00 PM

Roll Call
Present: Joe Wadas, Paul Claus Jr, Ashley Kaiser, Mike Knake, Chris Levander, Tom Haase, Nick Merriman, Kevin Hlavac, Norm Meith, Amy Gizinski
Absent:  Jerry Schoenenberger,  Donna Uhrenholdt

Voting for new officers
President: Motion made by Paul that Joe remain the president, Seconded by Chris.  Motion Carried
Vice President:  Motion made by Chris that Tom Haase remain vice president, Seconded by Nick.  Motion Carried
Treasurer:  Motion made by Paul that Amy be treasurer, seconded by Joe.  Motion Carried.
Secretary:  Motion made by Tom that Ashley be secretary, seconded by Amy.  Motion Carried.

Current Members:
Joe Wadas – President
Tom Haase – Vice President
Amy Gizinski – Treasurer
Ashley Kaiser – Secretary
Paul Claus Jr – Member
Mike Knake – Member
Chris Levander – Member
Nick Merriman- Member
Norm Meith – Member
Kevin Hlavac – Member
Jerry Schoenenberger – Member
Donna Uhrenholdt – Member

Paul Made a motion to Adjourn, Second by Nick.

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