May 21, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, May 21, 2022  9:30 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas
Pledge of Allegiance
Mission Statement

Roll Call
     Present: Ashley Kaiser, Cyndi Schure, Paul Claus Jr., & Jerry Schoenenberger, Roger Helgoth, Norm Meith &
Joe Wadas via Phone
Absent:  Tom Haase, Amy Gizinski, Nick Merriman, Kevin Hlavac & Mike Knake

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last meeting are posted online and had been emailed to everyone, Motion by Paul to approve minutes as posted, Second by Roger.   Motion Carried.

Treasurers Report: 

General Account:  $28,227.49

Event Committee Account:  $9,314.03

Online Deposits Account (Paypal, WePay, Amazon):  $8,838.10
Money Market Account: $8,195.15

Close to 80 paid dues members.

Per Paul we have some bills coming in for Hydraulic Fluid for the skid loader, $500 fuel from M&M’s, Approx. $700 for rock, crushed concrete for tornado shelters approx.. $800 each and a bill for tax return for $415.

Motion by Ashley to approve the treasurers report, second by Paul.  Motion carried.

Events committee Update:

Memorial Weekend we will be having a Cornhole Tournament & Family Fun Day on May 28th. There will be Cornhole, Put Put Golf on the lake front $3 per round, Backyard Foosball for Fun followed by Outdoor Movie at Dark. Proceeds from this year will go towards purchase of additional ducks for Duck Races and General Fund. Contact Ashley Kaiser or Cyndi Schure to sign your team up. You can also register online at

Farm & Ranch Raffle winners will be drawn on July 3rd.

Paddle Poker Run will be Sunday, July 3rd.

Labor Day Weekend we will have our 2nd Annual Husker Tailgate party under the carousel on Saturday and 2nd Annual Duck Races on Sunday.  Proceeds from these events go towards the general fund.

December 2nd & 3rd will be our 2nd Annual Trail of Lights Ride Through Christmas Light Display on the back trail. Anybody wanting to help this year please let us know.  Proceeds from last year’s event are being reinvested to grow the event this year.

Old Business:

Playground Equipment – We have a member who has committed to donate $5,000 for the playground equipment. This will be a matching donation.

Campsite Reservations: Joe’s great niece is working for him now and will be handling the campsite reservations.

Dam Maintenance:  The switch needed for the dam ended up being smaller one that originally thought.  Cost around $1,900 instead of $3,200.  Was voted on via email and approved to proceed with purchase.

NRD: The meeting with the NRD was cancelled due to the chairman passing away.  Ericson local, Jim Eschliman will be the new chairman.

Tree Cleanup: several large tree branches are down around the carousel where the memorial weekend events are planned. Looking for volunteers to help cleanup if somebody can bring chainsaws, dump trailer, bobcat.

Signage: Campground signs are all done and up. Cost was $150.  Just needing the little plates for the dock signs.  Roger Johnson has them done and Kay is supposed to be bringing them out.

New Business
Roger presented a map of the north side of the lake he is looking into the possibility of having dug out.  Cost would be about $2 / cubic yard and a total area of approx. 2.4 acres.   Roger is looking into having the NRD and Environmental Trust take the lead and going to discuss with neighboring property owners about contributing.

A gentlemen contacted Joe that has a dredge and said he would work with us on dredging the lake.

Group mailboxes. Mail is being stolen again from the lake area. Looking at the possibility of getting a cluster mailbox to put close to the ELC building that would be secure.  Going to see how many people would be interested.

Phone company has called twice this week There are so many people at the lake wanting to hook up to the internet it is going to start slowing down.  The phone company has the funds to put in fiber optics at the lake but will not do so until ELC owns the roads and can have an easement with one entity.  The sooner we can get the quitclaim deeds signed off on by property owners and move forward with obtaining ownership of the roads the sooner they can install it.

Members up for re-election:  Tom Haase, Mike Knake, Nick Merriman and Jerry Schoenenberger.  Nick is not going to re-run this year.

Storm Shelters are in.  They have already been used.

Roads:  Norm has a sign-up sheet to do individual and small group meetings to discuss the road process and quick claim deeds.

A property member is looking to lease an area to put up a small building to put a boat and golf cart in.  Tabled until we have more board members present,

Per State Fire Marshall still not able to have open fires at the lake.

Cyndi bought a new flag for the main flagpole.

Motion by Paul to adjourn, second by Ashley,

Next meeting will be Saturday, June 18th.  

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary