May 2020 Minutes

ELC Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2020

The meeting held in the ELC building with proper social distancing. Special thanks to Teresa Claus for arranging the tables and chairs.

The meeting was called to order by President Joe Wadas at 9:30 AM.

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and ELC mission statement.

Roll Call
Present: Jason Becker, Paul Claus, Carey Deeds, Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac, Ashley Kaiser, Chris Levander, Nick Merriman, Jerry Schoenenberger, Joe Wadas
Absent: Mike Knake, Donna Uhrenholdt
Guests: Norm Mieth, Chris Nietfeld, Bill Wunderlich

Chris moved to approve minutes of the last meeting, second by Carey, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report
Membership: There are currently 78 paid memberships. This is ten more than last year.

Account Summary:
General Fund………. $14,380.13
PayPal…………………….  1,745.54
Building loan……………….  55.22
Activity fund…………. 15,889.75
Total                          $32.070.64

Outstanding bills are for dam repair and the note at the bank.

Old Business:
Joe updated us on the repairs to the gates at the dam. Gates five and six have been repaired. The repairs have been to the gear boxes at the top. Repairs to the remaining gates need to be done before fall, before more expense is incurred. Preventive maintenance is important going forward.

New Business:

  1. The Articles of Association of Sanitary and Improvement District were discussed. Motion made by Nick, second by Tom, to mail information on this to all property owners and members, along with the May ELC newsletter. Motion carried. One thing the board wants to be clear on; this agreement is for road and dam issues only. It is not for a sewer system.
  2. Annual Auction: It was moved by Paul, seconded by Ashley that we postpone the auction until 2021. Motion carried unanimously.
  3. Board is requesting no golf cart/ATV traffic along the lake frontage, due to the transfer of sandbur seeds to the mowed areas. Thank you for understanding.

Calendar of Events:
Fireworks at dusk on July 3, 2020
Annual meeting July 4, at 10:30 under the carousel
Bake sale fund raiser after the annual meeting
Labor Day auction cancelled for 2020

Motion to adjourn at 10:37 AM

Next meeting to be June 20 at 9:30 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Jerry Schoenenberger, Secretary

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