MAY 2019

ELC Board Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2019

The ELC board met May 18, at the corporation building.

President Wadas called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM.

Meeting was opened by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the ELC mission statement.

Members present were: Paul Claus Jr., Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac, Jerry Schoenenberger, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas.

Absent: Jason Becker, Larry Belz, Carey Deeds, Josh Gompert, Ashley Kaiser, Chris Levander.

Guest: Attorney Barry Geweke.

Secretary’s report approved as read

Treasurer’s Report:

There are currently 67 paid memberships

Finance report. Treasurer reports our general fund will be depleted upon payment of outstanding bills. Funds available as of May 18 are as follows:

General fund…………. $18,970.24

Dam repair…………………….  55.22

Pay Pal………………………. 4,046.53

Events ………………….…  14,568.07

Total…………………….….  37,640.06

Board reviewed Kokes Construction bill for dam and shoreline repair. Kokes will work with ELC on payment of this bill.

Motion to approve treasurer report, seconded, motion approved by voice vote.

Copy of Treasurer’s report on file with secretary.

Old business:

  • Attorney Barry Geweke brought the board up to date on the Norton litigation, and outlined some options going forward. Next court proceedings will be June 17. The street survey is to be completed by next week. Attorney suggests we allow Norton’s quiet title, but with no restrictions on future use. Whether we appeal or not depends on the judge’s ruling. The question was raised, why is ELC even being sued, since we do not own the roads? Going forward, ELC will request for dismissal of suit, because ELC has never held title to said property. Current expenditure for attorney fees is approximately $19,000.
  • Costs to date spent on lake repairs. Itemized bill for repairs on file with secretary. Repair below the dam required much more material than estimated.
  • The NRD board met recently, but took no action on previous ELC request for funds. ELC will submit new figures, since this project was more expensive than first estimated.

New Business:

  • It was noted the following directors’ terms expire this year:

Josh Gompert

Jerry Schoenenberger

Larry Belz

Tom Haase

  • ELC will be needing to secure a loan to help pay for repairs. This will be done soon.
  • There will be no fund-raising events this year, due to shortage of volunteers.
  • Fireworks will be July 6. Receptacles will be available to receive donations on that day.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 AM

Next meeting will be June 15, 2019 at 9:30 a.m., at the ELC building.

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