May 2017

ELC Board Meeting Minutes for May 20, 2017

The meeting called to order at 9:30 AM; Opened with the flag salute and mission statement.

Roll Call: Members present were Mike Armstrong, Paul Claus, Josh Gompert, Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac, Chris Levander, Jerry Schoenenberger, Joe Wadas, Steve Wenz, Derald Watson. Larry Belz and Donna Uhrenholdt arrived soon after. In addition, there were several other members and guests.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved

Treasurer’s report: Paul stated there are 69 members as of today.

Funds are as follows:

General fund………………$26,055.84

Carousel account……………4,082.52

Pay Pal………………………………725.90

Events account….….………. 7,346.03

Total……………………………. 39,395.29


Sewer Options: Dana Peterson from Front Water Engineering was present to explain some options for a centralized sewer system for the lake community. Meaningful discussion was held with many pertinent questions being asked. We would like to thank Mr. Peterson for coming and sharing with the board. It was moved by Derald and seconded by Josh to survey the membership regarding a feasibility study. A survey question will be included in the President’s newsletter concerning members’ willingness to pursue this matter further.

Board Positions Open: Mike Armstrong and Derald Watson have chosen not to seek re-election to the board. Volunteers are needed for these two positions.

Events Committee Report:

The following are the dates and times for summer events:

Sunday, May 28th – 3rd Annual Memorial Day Service @ 1:30 PM

Saturday, July 1st – Annual Barbeque; 5-7 PM; Hosted by Steve & Becky Wenz and Sue Whitt.

Saturday, July 1st – Fireworks at dusk

Sunday, July 2nd – 2nd Annual Paddle Poker Run @ 3:00 PM

Saturday, July 22nd – 2nd Annual 5K / 7K Run @ 8:30 AM

Sunday, September 3rd – Annual Labor Day Auction

Labor Day Weekend – Turtle Races TBA

Complete notes of the Events Committee are at the bottom of these minutes.

Spring Cleanup: It was a great day, with much accomplished. There is still the need for some cedar tree removal on the west side of the lake.

Carousel: There was a problem with the Plexiglas cover being blown out by the wind. Derald is working on a solution. Also, there will be concrete poured to provide a display area for the carousel artifacts that Derald has in his possession, along with wheel-chair access.


Larry Belz presented more information concerning the Environmental Trust Grant application. Larry moved we allocate $1600 for this work. Derald seconded the motion. Vote taken: 11 ayes, 1 nay. Motion carried. Work to be done by Kirkham Michael Engineers.

Veterans Memorial Program:

Ashley Kaiser will need some assistance serving refreshments. This is May 28th, at 1:30 in the afternoon. If you can help, just show up at the proper time. Thanks.

Dog Leash Rules:

Board members and others are encouraged to set a good example by being responsible for our own pets. It is not the responsibility of the ELC to do this.

Changing or Updating Lake Property:

Property owners are encouraged to contact the board for permission before making any changes to Lake owned property.

Geothermal Dumping:

Derald moved we allow those with open geothermal loops to discharge clean water into the lake, with the stipulation that they provide written proof of annual certified back-flow inspection annually. Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Damage Deposit for individuals doing temporary work on or across lake property:

Steve made a motion for ELC to collect a $500 damage deposit (refunded if damage repaired to original condition). Seconded by Chris. Motion carried.

Bobcat Lease:

Paul moved, Josh seconded motion to lease the Bobcat skid steer for another year. Motion carried.

Bridge Bid:

The bid on the foot-bridge is pending at this time.

Bass Fishing Tournament:

This has been postponed until sometime in 2018.



Jean Armstrong inquired as to who is responsible to clean out the culvert between them and Lisa Norton. Since there is a street there, ELC will take care of this.

Thanks to Randy Janak and Dennis Armstrong (and Jean) for repairing the railing at the dam.

Thanks to Wayne Boilesen for his years of service and to Verne and Nancy Buhl for the sound system.

Also, thank you Larry and LoAnn Belz for keeping the message board updated.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 PM

Respectfully submitted by

Jerry Schoenenberger

Secretary, E.L.C.


Event Committee meeting notes for May 20, 2017

The ELC Events Committee Met on 05/20/2017

We still have some sponsors coming in and are in the process of finalizing advertising, prizes and food for the all the upcoming events.     

The 5K Run this year is also going to include a 7K option which will go back on the trail west of the lake.  We greatly appreciate that this area remain cleaned up. We will also need some addition volunteers this year due to the added course length.

The swim Ropes were order and are at the lake.  We would like to get them in on Memorial Weekend weather permitting.   We would also like to see that they are taken out at the end of the season to prevent ice from damaging the buoys.

It was discussed about using funds raised to purchase new equipment to add or update the park.  It was suggested a swing for smaller kids and replace the teeter totter that used to be there. Spoke with Chris and the Levander family is ok with as long as it is not cheap equipment.  Looking into some cost.

The Events we have coming up this year are:

Sunday, May 28th – 3rd Annual Memorial Day Service @ 1:30 PM

Sunday, July 2nd – 2nd Annual Paddle Poker Run  @ 3:00 PM

Saturday, July 22nd – 2nd Annual 5K / 7K Run @ 8:30 AM

Labor Day Weekend – Turtle Races TBA

Anyone who would like to volunteer or help please contact Lori Hlavac, Amy Chambers or Ashley Kaiser

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