May 2016



MAY 21, 2016    9:45 AM

Larry Belz
Tom Haase
Charlie Krohn, Sec.
Tracy Lantis

Mike Armstrong
Paul Claus, Treasurer
Kevin Hlavac
Derald Watson, Vice Pres.

Chris Levander
Donna Uhrenholdt
Joe Wadas, President
Steve Wenz

The Ericson Lake Corporation Board of Directors met on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 9:45 AM at the ELC building after checking out the location of the proposed drain tile area at 9:15 AM.

Present: Larry Belz, Charlie Krohn, Tracy Lantis, Mike Armstrong, Paul Claus, Kevin Hlavac, Derald Watson, Chris Levander, Donna Uhrenholdt, and Joe Wadas. Also in attendance were John and Michelle Golden, Mark Vanosdoll and Pastor Jerry Schoenenberger.

Absent: Tom Haase, Steve Wenz

The meeting opened with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and Mission Statement. The minutes from the April board meeting were approved as printed.


Paul gave the following balances: Checking-$13,885; Carousel-$6,404; Raffle-$4,080; PayPal- $586; and Centennial Committee-$2,363, for a total of $27,313. The Centennial Committee money is the result of selling sponsorships for the Paddle Poker Run and the 5K run. The ELC is keeping an amount due of $555 on the Ericson State Bank loan in the event that a loan may be needed. There are currently 70 paid memberships to the ELC.


  • Kevin reported on the purchase of a large used outhouse for the beach for $1000 that the ELC is paying for.  He will need help after the meeting to unload it and remove the old one.
  • Carousel Committee:  Pouring cement for the floor was ready to be scheduled, but due to rain, it was postponed until after the Memorial Day Veteran’s Program to avoid tearing up the area. Derald also explained the Donor Board being planned and paid for by the committee that will be completed sometime this year. It was suggested that committee also write up a bit of the history of the carousel for display. MOTION BY CHARLIE, SECOND BY PAUL FOR THE CAROUSEL COMMITTEE TO PROCEED WITH THESE PROJECTS AS THEY SEE FIT, PENDING APPROVAL OF THE ELC BOARD FOR THE DONOR/HISTORY BOARDS’ LOCATIONS TO FIT IN WITH THE ELC SIGN WHEN INSTALLED; MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

Derald also reported on the Memorial Day program being planned for May 29 at 2 PM at the carousel. The Ord Legion Riders will be in attendance and Blue Star flags will be handed out to area families who have active service members.

  • Raffle:  Two sets of tickets were sent out to all property owners, and about 80% have been returned and paid for. Raffle ticket info will be posted on Facebook, and possibly an ad put into the Ord and Burwell papers along with a schedule of July events. The drawing will be held sometime between 5 and 6 PM on July 2 during the BBQ.
  • Time Capsule:  Pastor Jerry delivered the time capsule that the Wheeler Central class welded. Discussion on when to bury the capsule followed, with agreement that it be done on Labor Day weekend so that centennial activities’ pictures could be included in it.



    • It was reported that there are 46 docks available. No progress has been made on a written agreement/rules/fees.
    • No new info was reported on the proposed development of lots and a road on neighboring property. It was agreed to get information compiled to present to the ELC Annual Meeting, but the final decision will be decided by the board.
    • Joe has contacted an entity that will conduct a burn program to control weeds on ELC property in the fall or next spring. It was too late for scheduling for this spring.


  • The engineer has not completed his information for the above-ground septic installation estimate. The estimate for this and a combination storm shelter/rest room is for information only.
  • The history book is going through its final drafts and should be printed soon.


  • Derald has gotten the estimate of about $180 for a 30” by 36” framed copy of the original blueprints of the first power plant. Michelle Golden took the information and will check out prices in Kearney. Interest was also shown in the purchase of the blueprints of Lots 1-364.
  • Frahm Construction should soon be working at the lake on the following projects: sand at the beach area, bank stabilization at the River Campground for around $2,500, and filling in a washout at the end of the berm.
  • Ed Hoevet gave an estimate of approximately $34,000 for an 80 foot long bridge (in two pieces) and its placement at the location where in the future the berm would be extended across the lake to prevent further sedimentation.


  • Donna showed a large photo taken by a drone, and Rich Uhrenholdt would like to donate a similar aerial photo of the lake to the ELC.
  • It was noted that it would be a good idea to install a camera on the spillway to actually see what is going on with the SCADA system. WI-FI from the dam computer is possibly in the works for the cabin area.
  • There was discussion about installation of drain tile in an area on the southern end of Stitzer Way that retains water year-round. It was agreed that the involved property owners get the money lined up to pay for the project from adjacent property owners and come back to the board concerning any monetary involvement on the ELC’s part.  It was noted that a precedent would be established if any ELC money were used for the project, so an amount of payment from the ELC would have to be a percentage of total cost of project or a set dollar amount.

The current project would cost around $3,700, and eight property owners will help with payment so far. A $250 riser is placed on private owners’ property at their request for drainage to connect with the mainline, and the 8” (on the upper end) and 12” (from The Boulevard to the lake) mainline tile will follow the ELC roads down to the lake to drain. Property owners farther away from this project are interested in hooking up and also purchasing a riser. It was also noted that there is no guarantee that the drain tile will completely solve the problem of excess water in the area, but is worth a try. Rick Vlach of Scotia has experience in this area and is the contractor who will be doing the work.

MOTION BY DERALD, SECOND BY PAUL for those interested in being a part of the project to get commitments for payment from the property owners who will benefit from this project; then the ELC will determine if they will have any monetary involvement at that time.  If anyone later decides to join on to this original drain tile project, the cost will need to be completely covered by them at that later time. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. Any other drain tile project will need to go through the same steps, with final approval of a project by the ELC Board since the tile would have to cross ELC property to drain into the lake.

  • Frahm has located several loads of broken concrete nearby that is available to purchase at a reduced price by the ELC for future projects, the current berm repair and shoreline stabilization. Joe earlier authorized the purchase of 20 loads, and after board discussion, Michelle and John Golden and Mark Vanosdoll volunteered to pay the cost of the twenty loads of concrete at $100 per load.
  • Joe reported that the ELC will be receiving a proclamation from Gov. Pete Ricketts recognizing the Centennial of Lake Ericson.
  • Loup Valleys Rural Public Power District and Region 26 have requested that the street signs in the lake community be installed where missing and upgraded as needed.  It will be a future project for the ELC. Cabin owners are requested to post their 5-digit 911 address on their cabins.
  • The question was raised about inviting area dignitaries for our Centennial celebration on July 2. It was noted that if invited, there should be a short recognition program, probably during the BBQ around the time of the raffle drawing. Larry and Kevin will bring the issue to the Centennial Committee meeting this afternoon.
  • Pastor Jerry Schoenenberger, Tom Haase and Larry Belz will be running for the ELC board; another name is needed on the ballot so please consider serving on the ELC board.  Charlie Krohn won’t be running.




  • Condition of some of the ELC roads was discussed, and whether during construction when the roads are damaged if there is any responsibility of fixing them by the property owner who caused damage. Most board members felt that the white rock that the ELC purchased has helped roads in the areas that it was spread. MOTION BY MIKE, SECOND BY PAUL TO PURCHASE A LOAD OF WHITE ROCK TO PLACE ON POTHAST ROAD WEST OF THE ELC BUILDING; MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.  Mike will arrange for a maintainer to scarify the road to help in smoothing it out before the rocks are dumped. Cost of the load was uncertain.
  • Petska will be lined up to pump the ELC outhouses.
  • Is anyone interested in volunteering to take over a Junk Jaunt sale to benefit the ELC?  Please let a board member know.
  • The petitions that were signed last summer to the NE Game and Parks and the Wheeler County supervisors requesting paving the road from the lake into Ericson have not gone anywhere-the entities do not have money for the project. It was noted that the bridge above the lake will be replaced this fall.
  • The logs that are piled by the beach that were cut up on the workday are free for the taking to your property for firewood. They will soon be hauled out to the tree pile if not taken.



  • Fred Gerber for putting on another successful ELC Fishing Derby!  There were around 16 entrants and only two (northern and bass) of the four (blue gill and crappie) species of fish were caught, resulting in a first and second prize of $75 each for those two species. About $1,000 was raised through entry fees and a raffle for the ELC.
  • Chris and Joe Wadas (plus their help) for furnishing pancakes and sausage to all the fishing derby entrants and others who ventured over to the ELC building very early on May 14!
  • The two anonymous guys who sprayed most of the ELC public areas for ticks and mosquitoes.



  • Sunday, May 29:  Memorial Day program at the carousel at 2 PM, followed by home-made ice cream.


  • Sunday, May 29:  Little Free Library Open House from 4-6 PM at the Krohn cabin; treats and door prizes!
  • Next meeting will be held on Saturday, June 18 at 9:30 AM in the ELC building.


Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Krohn, Recording Secretary


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