May 15, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, May 15, 2021  9:30 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas

Pledge of Allegiance

Mission Statement

Roll Call
     Present: Joe Wadas, Tom Haase, Amy Gizinski, Ashley Kaiser, Jerry Schoenenberger, Norm Mieth,
Mike Knake, Paul Claus Jr. Donna Uhrenholdt, Chris Levander
Absent:  Nick Merriman, Kevin Hlavac

Others Present:  John & Cindy Schure, Larry & Linda Thielen, John & Sherri Dahlgren, Tom Buettner
Sr. & Thom Buettner Jr.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last meeting are posted on the lake’s website and a copy available to read at meeting.  Paul made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, Second by Tom, Motion Carried.

Treasurers Report:
General Fund……………. $28,708.06
Events Committee……..$8,964.11
PayPal camping………….$3,927.49
Extra Account…………….$50.24

As of today there are 78 Paid members.  We expect there to be about 25 more to come in based on past years they normally pay Memorial Weekend or at the annual meeting.

We have recently paid bills for Sanitation, Electricity, bill M&M’s for lawn mower gas, our portion of the fireworks, legal bill and monthly payment to events committee for loan.

We still have an outstanding bill of $10,500 to Kokes Construction.

NRD will reimburse at % of the dam repair, once all bills have been paid and all receipts turned.

Events Committee
We will be having an Outdoor Movie & Popcorn at the Carousel on Sunday, May 30th at dusk.  Free will donation.

Paddle Poker Run will be Saturday, July 3rd.  Pre-registration now until June 20th or onsite registration the day of the event.  $20 pe participant, Adult and Kids division.  Great Prizes!!  Visit the lakes website to register.

Old Business
Nothing to address for old business.

New Business
Annual Newsletter will be going on June 1st.  Joe will be sending out a rough draft to look over soon.

Board Members up for re-election this year.  Joe Wadas, Amy Gizinski, Donna Uhrenholdt, Chris Levander.
Joe & Amy are re-running or the board & Chris is undecided.  Donna is stepping down from the board this year.  We would like to thank her for her years on the board.
If any property owner is interested in running for the board please let us know so we can get your name on the ballot.

Legal Summary – Norm gave a brief summary to the new property owners in attendance of the lawsuit we are currently in over the roads and how we have gotten here.

New Camera at Dam – There is now a new camera at the dam that live streaming video on the website.  Thank you Ed Knott / Applied Connective for your time and equipment.

We have gotten a new flag pole for the lake front.

Fred Gerber annual fishing tournament will be on June 26th.

There have been a few break ins around the lake.  Please make sure you are keeping things locked up. If have or suspect you have been broken into please contact Wheeler County Sheriff’s office as they are building a case.

Large items at Dumpsters.  You may have noticed a mattress and box springs at the dumpster this last week.  Ginny Oseaka contacted the sanitation company and prepaid the extra costs for them as well as let the board know.  If you have large items please do not just drop them off at the dumpsters the lake is charged a fee for each large item and any trash not in the dumpsters.
If you are driving by any of the camp site dumpsters and notice they are over flowing onto the ground please try to pick up trash and bring it to one of the other dumpsters so we are not being charged additional fees for each bag on the ground.

We could use some rock o the south side of the dam.  Joe is going to check on current cost of a load of rock.  John Schure volunteered to back haul a load of white rock for us with his grain trailer.

Game & Parks was out with nets below dam to check number fish.  They may be back later this year to shock test.  Discussed if we want to restock the lake this year.  It has been at least 8 years since it was last done.  Bluegill numbers are down.

The new property owners at the meeting would like to thank all of the volunteers for the mowing and upkeep of the lake.  It does not go unnoticed.

Tom made a motion to adjourn, second by Amy.

Next meeting will be Saturday, June 19th.

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary



List of Paid Members for 2021
Anderson, Aaron
Angel, Frank & Roxane Smith

Armstrong, Clayton

Armstrong, Mike
Armstrong, Tom
Becker, Jason & Amber
Belz, Larry & LoAnn
Boilesen, Wayne & Pat
Buhl, Verne & Nancy

Chambers, Tony & Amy

Christensen, Michael & Cindy
Claus, Paul III
Claus, Paul Jr. & Theresa
Claus, Tammy
Conner, Brad & Connie
Dahlgren, John & Sherri
Dahlsten, Broc & Jan
Damman, Cork & Sandra
Day, Jim & Karen Hickman
Edwards, Ben & Cindy
Edwards, Paul & Mindy
Endacott, Kent & Dorothy
Erickson, Mitchel
Gilliland, Nancy & Ray Kawaguchi
Gizinski, Marty & Amy
Gompert, Josh & Jenny
Hagedorn, Mary Ann & Phil
Heald, Ben & Leslie
Henn, Gerald & Mary

Heuermann, Alan
Hlavac, Kevin & Lori x 2
Johnson, Ron
Kaiser, Don & Georgia
Kantor, Dave & Jill
Kleine, Jerry & Sandi
Knake, Mike
Knake, Willis
Knott, Ed & Colleen
Knott, Kevin & Trice
Kozol, Dennis & Ginny
Krohn, Charlie & Cheryl

Kula, Irene
Leifield, Ken & Angela

Levandre, Chris & Jaymee
Levander, Ron & Mary
Levander, Tony & Nicole
Massoth, Bob
McKay, James & Marilyn
Melia, Tim & Teeas Schomaker

Merriman, Nick
Mettenbrink, Carl & Jeanne
Meysenburg, Jim & Karmen
Mieth, Norm & Judy
Myers, Stu & Pat

Norton, Todd
Oseka, Ginny & John Anderson
Peterson, Keith & Jane
Pickrel, Al & Deb

Pollreis, John
Roumph, Scott
Schmit, John & Judy
Schure, John & Cindy
Schoenenberger, Jerry & Milrae
Smith, Jim & Debbie

Smith, Ramona
Thelen, Larry & Linda
Uhrenholdt, Rich & Donna

Vieselmeyer, Judy
Wadas, Joe & Chris
Wadas, Sarah
Watson, Derald & Christine
Wenz, Steve & Becky
Whitt, Sue
Wunderlich, Al
Wunderlich, Bill & Karen
Wunderlich, Steve & Jacque