March 2017

ELC Board Meeting Minutes for March 18, 2017

President Wadas called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and the ELC Mission Statement.

Roll Call

Present: Mike Armstrong, Paul Claus, Josh Gompert, Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac, Jerry Schoenenberger, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas, Derald Watson

Absent: Larry Belz, Chris Levander, Steve Wenz

November minutes were approved by acclamation

Treasurer’s report:

Carousel account   $6,503.63

General fund           24,452.20

PayPal                         725.90

Events account          3,654.01

Total………………… $35,335.74

Paul reports 52 paid memberships, compared to 57 one year ago. On a side note, camping fees paid for electrical costs, telephone service and trash removal; with some left over.

Old Business:

Events committee reported on upcoming activities. They include the paddle poker run, fun run (there will be both a 5K and a 7K run), and turtle races.

The fireworks display will be Saturday, July 1st. There is a place on your annual dues letter to designate funds for the fireworks. It was moved by Tom, seconded by Donna that ELC match donations to a total of $3000 for this fund.

Once again, camping spots are being reserved. Several weekends are full already.

The new door for the corporate office will be installed soon.

Target range use and safety concerns were discussed. No action was taken.

New Business:

Joe gave a report on building and property insurance. The corporate office building is now insured, along with some of the equipment, including the Bobcat loader.

The new street signs are here. Volunteers will be needed to mark sign locations, followed by phone company location of lines. Currently this is a project scheduled for our spring cleanup day.

There was some discussion regarding the recent fish stocking, and whether we could/should implement size and bag limits. No decision reached.

Discussion was held regarding private buildings on lake property. Tom moved to send letters to these property owners. Motion seconded by Mike. Motion approved unanimously.

Spring clean-up day will be April 22, 2017 at 9 AM. Some agenda items are clean-up brush along the dam, and install street signs. Also, the tree dump needs to be burned when conditions will permit.

Per previous board action, above-ground septic storage tanks need to be enclosed or concealed from view in some way. Letters will be sent to those property owners requesting compliance in this area.

As the board considers the future of the lake community, it seems wise to investigate options for sewage disposal. It was moved by Donna, seconded by Paul, to get information on this project for future action. Motion carried unanimously.

Reminder: Members must get permission from the board to change or update lake property.

Derald reported that engraving of the donor sign for the carousel project will start this week. Tyler Reiter is to construct and install the sign.

Board is considering doing some burning on the west side of the lake between the geo tube and the lake. We will need 5 or 6 able bodied people, cooperating winds and a burn permit for this to happen.

A question concerning geo-thermal water disposal was tabled until our next meeting.

Moved by Derald, seconded by Josh, to extend the water line from the swimming beach to the area across from the Boileson/Oseka properties. Motion approved.

Discussion regarding requiring a damage deposit for temporary work on lake property, i.e., tile lines, etc. Deposit would be returned on satisfactory cleanup and restoration of the affected area. No action taken.

The 4th annual fishing derby will be held May 13th. Fred Gerber is in charge of this event. ELC will furnish breakfast to participants, again.

The bass fishing tournament that was to be held June 16th &17th has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Notice will be given if this is rescheduled.

Open forum discussion topics included the proliferation of items along the Buller Trail that make the area look trashy. Board consensus was this needs to be cleaned up. Also, ELC is in need of a snow bucket for the Bobcat. If you have, or know of one, contact a board member.

Wish list items are: A dump trailer. Upgrade lawn mower. A sprayer trailer for fire control. Ideas for a Wheeler County Foundation grant application. Pickup repair. A walking bridge.

A bridge may be available. Paul moved to commit up to $5000 to get the bridge moved to the lake. Motion tabled pending more information. Starting a dam gate motor/ gear assembly replacement fund.

Cement pads under concrete picnic tables (check prices for a 5’ x 7’ pad). Repair hydrant at river campground.

Meeting adjourned at 11:16 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Schoenenberger, Secretary

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