March 19, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, March 19, 2022  9:30 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas
Pledge of Allegiance
Mission Statement

Roll Call
     Present: Joe Wadas, Tom Haase, Ashley Kaiser, Cyndi Schure, Paul Claus Jr., Roger Helgoth, & Jerry Schoenenberger
On via Phone:  Amy Gizinski & Mike Knake
Absent:  Nick Merriman, Kevin Hlavac & Norm Mieth,

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last meeting are posted online, Motion Joe to approve minutes as posted, Second by Paul.   Motion Carried.

Treasurers Report:
Amy couldn’t make it to this meeting.  Joe read current account balances.

General Account:  $24,197.63

Event Committee Account:  $14,171.18

Online Deposits Account (Paypal, WePay, Amazon):  $6,688.62
Money Market Account: $8,194.48
* Dam – $4,048.51
* Playground – $2,672.85
* Fireworks – $918.03

55 members have paid their dues.

Events committee Update:
Events Committee is ready to move forward with purchasing tornado shelter.

Memorial Weekend we will be having a Cornhole Tournament & Family Fun Day on May 28th. There will be Cornhole, Put Put Golf on the lake front $3 per round, Backyard Foosball for Fun followed by Outdoor Movie at Dark. Proceeds from this year will go towards purchase of additional ducks for Duck Races and General Fund. Contact Ashley Kaiser or Cyndi Schure to sign your team up.

Farm & Ranch Raffle is going on, Winners will be drawn on Sunday July 3rd.  Proceeds will be going towards the Playground Fund.  Tickets can be purchased online at

Or contacting a board member

4th of July Weekend Saturday will be a Pancake feed before the annual meeting again with Proceeds going towards the playground fund. Annual Bake & Craft Sale following the meeting with Proceeds going to the general fund and Annual Golf Cart Parade TBD organized by Mary Haggadorn.  Sunday will be the 5th annual Paddle Poker Run, proceeds will be going towards finishing up the tornado shelters and building funds for our additional events.  Our next goal is helping with funds for the playground equipment. Farm & Ranch Raffle Winners will be drawn after the paddle poker run. We are looking at having 1 possibly 2 food truck vendors on the lake front, and fireworks at dusk.

Labor Day Weekend we will have our 2nd Annual Husker Tailgate party under the carousel on Saturday and 2nd Annual Duck Races on Sunday.  Proceeds from these events go towards the general fund.

December 2nd & 3rd will be our 2nd Annual Trail of Lights Ride Through Christmas Light Display on the back trail. Anybody wanting to help this year please let us know.  Proceeds from last year’s event are being reinvested to grow the event this year.

Old Business:

Playground Equipment – Sara has not heard anything back on the grant yet.  Last she heard they had extended the deadline.

Goal Thermometer is up on the Old ELC Building by the can dumpster for the playground equipment.  It has what has been raised so far along with a link and QR code visitors can go online to Aplos and make donations.

Campsite Reservations: We would like to find a vendor for next year to handle the camping reservations so Joe’s secretary is not busy handling lake business all of the time.  Amy was looking at and comparing 2 different vendors over the winter.

Dam Maintenance:  Joe would like to move forward with the new computer needed for the dam & submit the bill to NRD to try to get part of that covered.

NRD has not been to visit the lake yet but should in the near future.   Joe is going to reach out to the gentlemen over there this week.

Joe ordered parts to fix the bubbler at the dam, cost was $340 vs a new one that cost $1,500.  The bubbler has not been used for several years due to putting the planks in the dam for winter previously. It was full of wasps next and it has been fixed.  This will need added to our annual maintenance going forward.

This last winter we had ice eater in at the dam, that was donated by Tom Haase.  It done it’s job and worked good to keep the water moving and dame gates from freezing up.  Per Tom there is a thermostat attachment that can go on it to it doesn’t run all winter when the temperature is high enough to avoid freezing.

Back 40: Joe & Kevin looked at the proposed new road to the back 40 (old golf course / shooting range).  The original area that was looked at to put the new access along the fence, the county has removed a lot of dirt when building up the county road.  Now looking at moving it over a little farther.  Kevin will bring his shredder to the spring cleanup to shred the new path.

Spring Cleanup list:  Spring cleanup will be Saturday, April 23rd.  Some items needing taken care of.. Trim trees along the Boulevard & Pothast that are hanging low and hitting campers. Trim trees on the emergency spillway that is our responsibility.  More Rip Rap is needed by the dock at the dam.  Put the culvert in the road by Oseaka’s, Clear up the trails and have Ed look at the Wifi at the lake.

Thanks to Paul for buying fuel for the skid loader before prices went up.

Signage: Cyndi’s son is still waiting for his new plotter to make some updated signs for the campgrounds and lake.  We are waiting on the metal to make the numbers for the dock spaces.

Other Old Business:

Joe is going to reach out to the guy about pumping the restrooms at the lake and campsites

County is going to push the trees at the tree dump into a pile so they can be burned when weather permits, they haven’t done it yet.

Digging out the NW side of the lake:  Roger has talked to Roger Frahm in regards to the cost to dig out the finger that goes from the river back to past Schures, Armstrongs, Edwads, & Helgoths.  To dig it out 4-5 ft. deep all they way back there total cost would be around $50,000. Roger proposing that the neighboring property owners come up with ½ the cost and look at getting the environmental trust to cover the other 1/2 .  Cost would be cheaper if we haul away or have a use for the sediment ourselves.
Joe asked Roger to draw up a sketch & Joe will present it to the NRD as well.

Paul suggested reaching out to the Visitors Bureau of Nebraska to see if they would be willing to give funds to the lake since we are the largest visitor attraction in Wheeler County.

Tom brought up that the lake is going to need to be dredged again in the near future.  There are several places that are very shallow and can’t get a boat through again. We need to be starting to build funds dredging the lake.

Joe raised the lake up to normal level yesterday.

Dock Space Regulations were brought up.  Ashley said that her & Chris Levander had started updating those and it didn’t go any further after we were busy with the lawsuit.  Ashley will send out the rough draft of the regulations that she has saved to everyone.

New Business
Tornado Shelters:
  Events Committee has raised funds for the tornado shelters and would like to go ahead and purchase 2 shelters from Devine Concrete in South Dakota.  There is free delivery within 150 miles, which the lake falls into.  Motion made by Paul for events committee to purchase the shelters or the lake, second by Tom.  Motion Carried.  During Spring cleanup the two locations will need to be cleared and levels and have 4” of fill brought in for them to sit on.  Joe is going to have crushed concrete delivered for the fill.

Death Notice:  We received notice that long time Ericson Lake resident and board member Gary Laughlin passed away.  Sympathy to the Laughlin family.  Gary was instrumental for several projects at the lake over the years.

Legal: Our attorney has reach out in regards to proceeding with ownership of the roads. Since this is a separate matter than the lawsuit we need to sign a new letter of engagement for them to proceed with this case. We have $5,000 still in escrow as a retainer from the original case that can be used for this and any extra refunded back to us. Tom made a motion for Joe to sign the letter of engagement and proceed, second by Roger.  Motion carried.

The attorney sent over a draft of he quitclaim deed that will need to be signed by property owners abutting the lake roads. Ashley made a motion to proceed with the draft the attorney sent over, second by Tom.  Motion carried. More information will be sent out to property owners in the coming weeks.

Open Forum
Roger had trees removed from his property along the county road 2 years back without his knowledge. He would like to resort the shelterbelt to the North of his property just south of the cart path as it helps block the dust from the county road and is asking for the ELC to contribute. Joe is going to visit his nephew about piping in water.

Next meeting will be Saturday, April 23rd followed by Spring Clean Up.

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary