June 2020 Minutes

ELC Board Meeting

June 20, 2020

Meeting was held in the carousel for social distancing.

Meeting called to order by President Wadas at 9:30 AM. Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and the ELC mission statement.

Roll Call:
Members present were Paul Claus, Tom Haase, Mike Knake, Chris Levander, Nick Merriman, Jerry Schoenenberger, Joe Wadas.
Members absent: Jason Becker, Carey Deeds, Kevin Hlavac, Ashley Kaiser, Donna Uhrenholdt.
Others attending were: Marty & June Stover, Mary Ann Hagedorn, Norm Mieth, Kevin Knott, Willis Knake, and Randy Janak.

Secretary’s Report
Chris moved, Nick seconded motion to approve the minutes of the May meeting. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:
There are 87 paid memberships to date.
Financial report: Outstanding bills are for dam repairs, attorney fees, and the note at the bank.
Account Summaries:
General Fund…………$16,368.26
Loan Account…………………55.22
Pay Pal……………………… 4,512.16
Activity Fund………….. 15,888.75
Total………….. 36,824.39
Chris made a motion to approve treasurer’s report, second by Nick, motion carried.

Old Business:

  1. Spillway repair: Contractor plans to finish pouring grout this week (June 22-26) weather permitting. Maintenance on gates is planned for this fall. Also, there are a couple of trees in the gates that will need to be removed.
  2. Improvement District: There was discussion pertaining to the roads around the lake. Nick made motion to clarify the board’s position on the status of those roads. That motion reads as follows: “The proposed SID would deal with existing roads only. The roads that are currently closed would revert to adjacent property owners, with easements for utilities, upon payment of any survey costs, transfer fees, or other costs.” Motion seconded by Paul. Motion carried.
  3. Water Samples: Tom Haase has sent water samples from around the lake to be tested. The results are back and are very good. Copies of the tests are available for inspection.

New Business:

  1. Annual Meeting: The meeting will be held in the carousel, and a P.A. system will be used. Please bring your own lawn chairs so that we may maintain social distancing. There will be a bake sale fundraiser at the annual meeting. Bring baked goods to sell. Nick Merriman is heading this up. The sale will be held in the ELC building with an orderly traffic flow through the building.
  2. Tom Miller has asked about sponsoring a horseshoe tournament at the point. Board has no objection to this.
  3. A company has approached the board about obtaining hydro power from the dam. We are not presently interested in such a project.
  4. There has been some discussion with the NRD concerning what their role might be in the future for the dam and campgrounds. This is just a discussion topic at this time. Much more information is needed.
  5. Mike Knake asked about placing a memorial bench on the lake frontage. Permission granted, as long as it can be mowed around easily.
  6. Stop signs will be placed at the junction where entrance B intersects the Boulevard.

Open Forum:

  1. For those wanting to volunteer in some way, the aluminum cans need a ride to Grand Island if you are headed that way. Thanks for your help.

Motion by Tom to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM

Next meeting July 4, 2020, at 9 AM.
Annual meeting July 4, 2020, at 10 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jerry Schoenenberger, Secretary


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