June 2017

ELC Board Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2017

Meeting was held at the carousel and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and the ELC mission statement.

President Joe Wadas called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM.

Roll call taken:

Present were Larry Belz, Paul Claus, Josh Gompert, Chris Levander, Jerry Schoenenberger, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas, Steve Wenz, Derald Watson.

Absent were Mike Armstrong, Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac.

Also attending were Gary and Dixie Laughlin, Charlie and Cheryl Krohn.

Minutes of the May meeting were approved.

Treasurers Report: Paul reported 64 paid members currently. Members are encouraged to renew memberships so that there are funds available for day-to-day expenses.

Financial Report:

General Fund………$20,878.85

Carousel Fund………. 4,083.97

Events Committee… 7,982.15

Pay Pal…………………….  822.10

Total…………………… 40,967.07

Paul presented the draft of the financial report he has prepared for the annual meeting. Joe reported he has requested a larger dumpster at the corporation office. He has also ordered a roll-off container to be placed at the boat dock parking lot for the July 4th weekend.

Financial report was unanimously approved.

Old Business:

  1.       A summary report from Dana Peterson of Front Water Engineering will be handed out at the annual meeting. This gives a break-down of the cost of a proposed study concerning sewage treatment options for the lake community.
  2.       Currently, there are 4 names on the ballot for board member positions. They are:

Ashley Kaiser

Kevin Hlavac

Paul Claus

Tom Armstrong

  1.       Concerning remaining carousel committee funds, Derald proposed those funds be spent for some commercial duty picnic tables to replace some of the current tables.

Chris moved we purchase 6 new tables. Josh seconded motion. Motion carried.

The old tables will be placed at the river campground, at Levander Park, and wherever else they might be needed.

The board wishes to thank Cliff Johnson for building the old tables.

  1.       Grant for Environmental Trust: Larry Belz reported on the grant process for the improvements proposed for river stabilization. Information is slow coming in, but is progressing. We will try to keep the cost of this project as low as possible in order to bring it to reality. A pedestrian bridge has been purchased from the City of Ord. Discussion was held about getting this moved to the lake. Joe will get more information from various construction firms on how best to accomplish this.

New Business:

  1.       The internet service has experienced some issues, but NCTC is working to get these resolved.
  2.       The agenda for the annual meeting was presented to the board. If there are changes, get them to Joe, so he can get them included.
  3.       It is recommended that persons desiring to use the carousel should check with Joe’s office for availability, and to make reservations.
  4.       ELC would like to have a group photo of youngsters from 6th grade, down to infants. This will be taken at 4 PM, July 1st, and displayed in the corporate building for historical purposes.
  5.       Discussion was held concerning who is authorized to operate the skid-steer loader. Currently those are Paul, Jerry, and Mike. Chris moved that only board members will operate the loader. Donna seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Additional items:

  1.       Repairs have been made to the lawn mower. It may be decided to purchase a new mower before next mowing season.
  2.       There will be live music at the carousel the evening of July 1.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM

Next Board Meeting will be at the Corporate Building July 1, 2017, at 8:30 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Schoenenberger, Secy.

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