June 18, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, June 18, 2022  9:30 AM

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas
Pledge of Allegiance
Mission Statement

Roll Call
     Present: Joe Wadas, Tom Haase, Ashley Kaiser, Cyndi Schure, Paul Claus Jr., & Jerry Schoenenberger, Kevin Hlavac,
Nick Merriman, & Roger Helgoth
Absent:  Amy Gizinski & Mike Knake

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last meeting have been emailed to everyone, Motion Tom to approve minutes as posted, Second by Norm.   Motion Carried.

Treasurers Report:
Bank account balances as of June 11th

Main Account:  $29,368.20
* $1150 of this should be allocated to the playground fund
* $1850 of this should be allocated to the dam fund
* $1161 of this should be allocated to the fireworks fund

Event Committee Account:  $8,531.31

Online Account:  $9,528.70
* $222.23 should be allocated to the fireworks fund
* $203.58 should be allocated to the event committee account
* $60 should be allocated to the playground fund

Money Market:  $8,195.51
* $2672.85 should be allocated to playground fund
* $4548.81 should be allocated to the dam fund
* $918.03 should be allocated to the fireworks fund

# of Dues Paying Members:  82 plus Paul had another 5 come in this week for a total of 87.

Some bills are getting sent to an old PO Box we have not had in years and being returned.

Outstanding bills: $260 for Bobcat hose, Bill for attorney that is coming out of the money still in escrow from the retainer, bill for fertilizer, signs, fuel and rock. Tom made a motion to pay the outstanding bills, second by Roger.  Motion carried.

Events committee Update:
Recap of the cornhole tournament & family fun day.  We had 16 teams participate in the tournament several being form out of town.   Proceeds from this event is going to purchasing additional ducks for the duck races on Labor Day weekend.

Sarah will have another batch of Life is Better at the lake t-shirts here for 4th of July.  They are $20 each and proceed are going to the playground fund.

4th of July weekend….

Saturday 07/02

Pancake Feed before the meeting from 8-11 hosted by Ben & Cindy Edwards family, proceeds will go to the playground fund

Bake & Craft Sale from 11 am – 2 pm. at the ELC building.  Proceeds will go to the general fund.

Golf Cart Parade will be at 5:00 pm.  Line up at the ELC Building.

Sunday 07/03

Paddle Poker Run at 1:00 pm – check in and onsite registration at noon.  Proceeds to the events committee projects

Farm and Ranch Raffle Winners drawn at 3:00.  Proceeds to the playground fund

Food truck on the lake front.  Have a Hot Dog Vendor confirmed. The taco truck had to back out and have not been able to get another on short notice.

Saturday, September 17th – Fred Gerber will be hosting his annual Fishing Tournament.  More details to come.

Labor Day Weekend we will have the Husker Tail Gate Party on Saturday.  Looks to be a 2:30 pm game and Duck Races on Sunday.

Old Business:

Playground Equipment – Joe has reached out to a couple contact he received from the City of Ord about Playground equipment.

We have a huge update.  We have a lake member who has donated $5,000 to the playground fund.  If we can match an additional $5,000 in donations between now and Sept. 15th, they will donate another $5,000 for a total of $15,000.  Please help us reach this goal.

Goal Thermometer is up on the Old ELC Building by the can dumpster for the playground equipment.  It has what has been raised so far along with a link and QR code visitors can go online to Aplos and make donations.

Campsite Reservations: Joe’s new secretary is looking into the different sites for online camping reservations.

Website: We are looking at all our options for the website and support on it. What we have not looks great, but not user friendly to update and make changes.

NRD: We need to come up with a list or priority outline of what we are wanting them to help with instead of just through several ideas out.  Norm made a motion for Roger to head up a committee of 3-4 people to work on a list of priorities and outlines of our goals with the lake and NRD, Second by Nick.  Motion Carried.

Fish Habitat: Nick is bringing up the materials over the 4th of July to make the fish trees to go into the lake. They will be ready to go Mid to late July.  Will need some help getting them set in the water.

Dam Maintenance: We are still needing a new computer system for the dam.  The one we have now is obsolete and cannot get parts for it.  Events Committee has agreed that once they have met the obligation with the playground equipment, they will put fund towards a new computer system.

Signage: Cyndi has updated the signs at the campgrounds, and they have been installed.  We are still waiting for the materials from Roger Johnson for the dock space signs.

There are 2 dock spaces left at the lake.   We also need to revisit the terms for having docks on the lake.  Many docks are in bad shape and need to be repaired or removed, they are a hazard right now.

Group Mailboxes:  We will discuss the interest in having a secure group mailbox near the ELC building.  There has been more mail thefts again around the lake area.

New Business
Joe ordered a disconnect box at the dam.  Didn’t need to get as big of one as he originally thought.  This one is 100 amp and can attach a 480 generator.

Election: Tom Haase, Mike Knake and Jerry Schonenberger are running for reelection again this year.  Nick Merriman is not running for re-election; we would like to thank Nick for his years of service on the board.  We are looking for one more nomination.

Road Update: We currently have 19 property owners who have signed and returned the quitclaim deeds.  18 others have picked them up and said they will sign and return them just needing to take home for additional signatures.  37 others have spoken with Norm and said they plan to sign them.  Since Memorial Day that s 65 lots out of the 365 that have been signed.

For those wanting to sign at the annual meeting, Ashley is a notary and will be available to sign AFTER all ELC meetings are over.

Motion by Tom, second by Roger to Adjourn the meeting.

Next meeting will be Saturday, July 2nd.  

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary