July Annual Meeting 2017



JULY 1, 2017

President Joe Wadas called the meeting to order at 10 AM, with the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Lake mission statement.

Roll Call: All board members present.

Candidates for the ELC board were introduced. They are Kevin Hlavac, and Paul Claus for re-election; Ashley Kaiser, and Jason Becker, first time candidates.

Past presidents were acknowledged: Stu Meyers, Gerry Henn, Clifford Johnson, Buck Watson, Lawrence Borgelt, and Wayne Buller, along with current president Joe Wadas.

Those present who have been members for over 25 years, and those who became members in the last year were acknowledged, also.

Time was allowed for questions and concerns. Concern was expressed for the number of young children driving golf carts, etc., without supervision. Parents and other adults are reminded to teach safe driving skills.

Items to be voted on by the membership are:

Board members:

Volunteer of the year:

Yard of the year:

Secretary’s Report:

Copies of the 2016 meeting minutes were available at the back of the room

It was moved by Jim Smith, seconded by Roger Merriman, to approve the minutes with one correction. Motion carried. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Account balances:

General Fund:  $28,838.00

Pay Pal………………  $938.00

Events Fund ….…$8,060.00

Total              $37,836.00

There are currently 83 paid members

It was moved by Becky Wenz, seconded by Virginia Oseka to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried. Treasurer’s report approved.

Everyone is reminded of the need to place garbage to the rear of the dumpsters as a courtesy to fellow members. Thank you for following this rule, because it saves a considerable amount of money in additional trash pick-up charges.

Due to an increased amount of trash, President Wadas reported he has requested another 8-yard dumpster to replace the 6-yard one currently in use.

Thank you to Derald and Chris Watson for taking aluminum cans, and donating the proceeds to the lake.

Old Business:

  1.       Members were reminded of the BBQ fund-raiser today at 5 PM.
  2.       The Lake Ericson Endowment of the Wheeler County Foundation is approximately $80,000.00, as of June 15th, available funds are approximately $2,500.00. There is a matching challenge grant of $500 available if we can match it by the end of the day. Virginia volunteered to start a collection for the $500. Note: The $500 was raised for this.
  3.       Check the donation board to make sure your name is there, and spelled correctly. Derald is the one to contact for corrections.
  4.       Cheryl Krohn still has Lake Ericson Centennial History Books available. Thank you Cheryl and committee for your work on this.
  5.       Members are reminded once again of the need to keep pets on a leash. It is your responsibility.

New Business:

  1.       Information was presented concerning a proposed study of options for community sewage disposal.

There was a Q & A period in which the following concerns were addressed:

  1.       Do we need a study if we don’t want the system?
  2.       What is the cost of the study? ($10,000 to $14,000)
  3.       Why do we need a study? (To consider options for disposal)
  4.       What about connecting to Ericson Village’s system? (Cost and logistic issues)
  5.       Does DEQ test the lake water? (Yes, annually).
  6.       Without a study, we have no basis for cost of creating a solution to the problem we are looking at.
  7.       Who will be in charge of the system? (There would be one or two persons certified to operate the equipment).
  8.       What about ELC purchasing a pumper? (There would be licensing and cost concerns)
  9.       Concluding statement: Nothing happens without a study, regardless of the cost of the study.
  10.       Larry Belz reported he is still working on a grant for the jetty extension. The proposal is to extend the jetty (berm) toward the overflow. The purpose of this is to lessen the amount of sediment entering the lake. Application will be made to the Natural Resources District, and to the Environmental Trust. Approval would not come until early next year, and it would probably be later in 2018 before any action could be taken. In regard to cost versus dredging or pumping, it is more economical to dredge.
  11.       Don’t forget the Annual Labor Day Auction. We have some very good items for sale this year. We will also be auctioning off the old street signs. Bring your good junk, and support the lake with your donated items.
  12.       Fall cleanup will be September 16. Please come and do your part to keep the lake beautiful. We ask that you take pride in the projects and events at the lake. We definitely need your dues and donations but most of all your help and dedication. We want everyone who visits to say “Wow! This is an exceptional place to visit!”
  13.       Yard of the Year, and Volunteer of the year voting results:

Yard of the Year: Stu Meyer and Jim Smith families

Volunteers of the Year: Tie between Mike Armstrong and Jerry Schoenenberger

Result of the Proposed Sewer System Study: 26 for. 24 against. Board will decide further action.

  1.        There will be a group photo taken of children 6th grade and under, to be displayed in the ELC building. These youngsters are the future of the lake.
  2.       President noted that the Bobcat loader is to be operated by authorized individuals, only. These are: Mike Armstrong, Paul Claus, and Jerry Schoenenberger. Other qualified board members may use it with proper authorization.
  3.       The Wi-Fi has been inoperable, but apparently is currently up and running.
  4.         Reminder: A $500 fee will be assessed before any project that may potentially damage any lake property. The fee will be refunded upon satisfactory restoration of said property.
  5.         Event Committee Report.

Paddle poker run to be held July 2.

There will be live music Sunday night at the carousel

A cooler raffle is being held to help pay for picnic tables and live music

Volunteers are needed for the July 22 fun run

A bean bag toss was to be held the afternoon of July 1

  1.       If the weather threatens, everyone is asked to help take down the avenue of flags in order to prevent the poles from getting damaged as happened last summer.

Special Thank You to the following:

Joe thanks his family for putting up with his absences while doing “lake stuff.”

Thanks to Theresa and Paul Claus, Pam and Terry Cook for doing the Avenue of Flags.

Thanks to Charlie and Cheryl Krohn for the golf cart parade.

Thanks to all volunteers. You know who you are. You make it easier for the rest of us.

Thanks to Steve and Becky Wenz, and Sue Whitt for hosting the BBQ.

Thanks to Glen Tetschner and Doug Reiter for mosquito control.

Thank you Boilesen family and the Vern Buhl family for providing the sound system.

Thanks to Roger and Kay Johnson for volunteer repairs at the lake at no charge.

Thank you Fred Gerber for your work with the fishing tournament. It made over $1,000 for the lake.

Thanks to Scott Herley for furnishing the concrete at the donation board.

Special thanks to immediate past directors Mike Armstrong and Derald Watson.

Finally, thank you Events Committee for your many projects and interest in the lake.

Motion to adjourn from Virginia Oseka, seconded by Chance Lascomb. Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM

Next Annual Meeting: June 30, 2018

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Schoenenberger, Secy.

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