July 3, 2021 Regular Board Meeting / Pre-Annual Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, July 3, 2021  9:00 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas

Roll Call
     Present: Joe Wadas, Amy Gizinski Ashley Kaiser, Jerry Schoenenberger, Paul Claus Jr.,
Donna Uhrenholdt

Absent:  Tom Haase, Norm Mieth, Mike Knake, Chris Levander, Nick Merriman, Kevin Hlavac

Others Present:  None

Short meeting to discuss additional items that need added to the annual meeting agenda
Text to Give – Amy has now setup the text to give feature with Aplos.  People can text a # and choose to donate to Fireworks, Storm Shelter, Legal Fees or Dam Repairs.

NRD – Joe spoke with NRD and we can now turn in our receipts, they will review at their next meeting.  Paul reminded that we need to have a copy of the paid invoice along with copies of the cleared check.

We need to remined people that there is to be no fireworks lit off of the Handicap dock

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be today at 10:00 AM

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary


List of Paid Members for 2021

Anderson, Aaron
Angel, Frank & Roxane Smith
Armstrong, Tom
Becker, Jason & Amber
Belz, Larry & LoAnn
Boilesen, Wayne & Pat
Buhl, Verne & Nancy
Claus, Paul III
Claus, Paul Jr. & Theresa
Claus, Tammy
Conner, Brad & Connie
Dahlgren, John & Sherri
Dahlsten, Broc & Jan
Damman, Cork & Sandra
Day, Jim & Karen Hickman
Edwards, Ben & Cindy
Edwards, Paul & Mindy
Endacott, Kent & Dorothy
Erickson, Mitchel
Gilliland, Nancy & Ray Kawaguchi
Gizinski, Marty & Amy
Gompert, Josh & Jenny
Hagedorn, Mary Ann & Phil
Heald, Ben & Leslie
Henn, Gerald & Mary
Hlavac, Kevin & Lori x 2
Johnson, Ron
Kaiser, Don & Georgia
Kantor, Dave & Jill
Kleine, Jerry & Sandi
Knake, Mike
Knake, Willis
Knott, Ed & Colleen
Knott, Kevin & Trice
Kozol, Dennis & Ginny
Krohn, Charlie & Cheryl
Leifield, Ken & Angela
Levander, Ron & Mary
Levander, Tony & Nicole
Massoth, Bob
McKay, James & Marilyn
Melia, Tim & Teeas Schomaker
Mettenbrink, Carl & Jeanne
Meysenburg, Jim & Karmen
Mieth, Norm & Judy
Myers, Stu & Pat
Oseka, Ginny & John Anderson
Peterson, Keith & Jane
Pickrel, Al & Deb
Roumph, Scott
Schmit, John & Judy
Schure, John & Cindy
Schoenenberger, Jerry & Milrae
Smith, Jim & Debbie
Thelen, Larry & Linda
Uhrenhold, Rich & Donna
Wadas, Joe & Chris
Wadas, Sarah
Watson, Derald & Christine
Wenz, Steve & Becky
Whitt, Sue
Wunderlich, Al
Wunderlich, Bill & Karen
Wunderlich, Steve & Jacque