July 2016

President Joe Wadas called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM

The meeting was opened by reciting the pledge of allegiance and the mission statement.

The minutes from the last three meetings approved.

Roll call: Present were Mike Armstrong, Larry Belz, Paul Claus, Josh Gompert, Tom Haase, Chris Levander, Jerry Schoenenberger, Joe Wadas, Steve Wenz, Derald Watson.

Absent: Kevin Hlavac, Donna Uhrenholdt

Treasurers report: There are currently 88 paid memberships.

Main account: $11,359.65

Carousel……… 7,008.23

Raffle…………   6,246.52

PayPal………… 1,203.96

Centennial……   2,875.87

Total funds available are $28,694.23

Bank loan remains at $555.10

Funds raised by the centennial committee went into the general fund. The board wishes to commend the centennial committee for a job well done.

Consensus of the board was to send reminder letters to those with unpaid dues. This will be done.

It was asked if we owed for the meat for the barbeque. Terry Held prepared the meat, ELC has not been billed.

The Ranch Café is owed $210.00 for barbeque supplies.

Discussion was held concerning the amount of government paperwork for raffles, etc. This was for informational purposes.

It was noted that J&J sanitation charges $30 for bags left on the ground. Discussion centered on garbage collection and whether or not to get a bigger dumpster. There was no decision on the matter.

Tent camping problems were discussed. The new signage is prompting more timely payment for tent campsites.

Derald moved to approve Treasures report, second Tom. Motion carried.

Old Business: It was suggested the paddle poker and the 5K run could be held on the same day. The golf ball slam was popular. One person was successful hitting the ball into the tank.

Suggestions for items to put in the time capsule included a list of current paid members, business cards, pictures, a centennial book, and others. Paper items for the time capsule would need to be laminated. The plan currently is to bury the capsule on top of the ground in a concrete shell, so as to avoid moisture damage to the contents.

Discussion was held concerning additional funding of 4th of July fireworks, including ELC donations and/or individual contributions.

The possibility of some sort of written agreement for docks and dock fees was tabled for now. Joe is investigating what permits, etc., are needed for burning off weedy areas.

Larry showed the board original blueprints of the lake lots. They will be copied and will be available at a future time. Discussion was also held concerning a water line for south of the swim beach area allowing for additional sprinklers. Questions arose over water pressure for sprinklers, also the possibility of extending water line when it becomes feasible. Joe will check on cost of water line extension for sprinkler system.

New Business:

As a matter of information, there are funds available from the Community Foundation of $3744.00.

It was pointed out there are different types of benches currently in use. Paul is working with Amy Chambers on standardizing benches. The location of memorial benches is not so important as is having a concrete base. This is to facilitate mowing and upkeep.

We will check with the county concerning who is responsible for the street signs. ELC will cooperate as needed.

Labor Day activities were discussed. Turtle races will be held in the carousel, and it was decided to place large items for the sale in the parking lot across from the community building. Derald has contacted Lynn Gumb to be the auctioneer for the sale.

The board wishes to thank everyone who volunteered to help out over the 4th of July. It could not happen without your help.

There was discussion concerning the purchase of a skid steer loader, or tractor and loader for the lake. It was decided to gather information relating to either leasing or purchasing a small tractor and loader with some other attachments. A committee consisting of Mike, Chris, and Josh will get some bids from local dealers and report back to the board.

Street maintenance was discussed, and Mike will contact someone from Ericson village to see if they might maintain the side streets.

Tom moved we adjourn; meeting was adjourned at 10:52 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Schoenenberger, Secretary


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