July 2, 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation 43rd Annual Meeting
Saturday, July 2, 2022  10:00 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas

Pledge of Allegiance

Mission Statement

Prayer by Pastor Jerry

Roll Call
Present: Joe Wadas, Tom Haase, Amy Gizinski, Ashley Kaiser, Jerry Schoenenberger, Norm Mieth,
Paul Claus Jr., Kevin Hlavac, Cyndi Schure, Roger Helgoth, Nick Merriman
Absent:  Mike Knake,

Introduction of all board members

Recognition of past presidents.   Past president Jerry Henn in attendance

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last annual meeting and last regular board meeting are posted on the lake’s website and a copy available to read at meeting.  Larry Thelen made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, Seconded by Paul, Motion Carried.

Treasurers Report: As of June 30th
General Fund……………. $28,609.73
Events Committee………..$10,077.33
Online Payment Act…..….$9,647.84
Money Market Act…….….$9,875.48
Petty Cash for Events……$175.00

Fund Balances as of June 30th
Playground Fund………..$4,020.85 (in money market act)
Dam Fund………………..$5,854.63 (in money market act)
Fireworks Fund…………..$-142.92 after firework payment (in general fund)
Endowment donations…$550.00

Amy had a detailed breakdown of all accounts and summary for last year and this year.

There are currently 92 paid dues members out of 124.  All dock spaces are paid.

Update on the Aplos software.  We can now track and budget more thoroughly, issue tax receipts for donations and generate reports for our own tax purposes.  We can also use it for event registrations.  Motion by Jerry Henn to approve treasurer’s report.  Second by Ginny Oseka.  Motion Carried.

Events Committee
2 tornado Shelters were installed earlier this year, one by the horseshoe pit by the berm entrance and the other by the Terry Held building on the East side of the lake.  They received some use twice already.

Playground Equipment.  Funds are currently being raised to purchase new playground equipment for the park.

We have a generous lake donor who has pledged $5,000 to the playground equipment and an additional $5,000 if we can raise an additional $5,000 between now and Sept. 15th.   Thank you to the donor for the donation and helping us to meet our goal.

We have added several new events this year.
Memorial weekend we held a cornhole tournament, put-put golf, backyard foosball and outdoor movie.  The funds raised went towards the purchase of additional ducks for the duck races on Labor Day Weekend,

4th of July Weekend Events. (updated with proceeds)
Pancake Feed hosed by Ben & Cindy Edwards raised $3,699 towards the playground fund.
Bake/Craft Sale raised $1,259 for the general fund
Silent Auction hosed by Ginny Oseka raised $837 towards the playground fund
Norm’s grandkids Lemonade Stand raised $56.25 toward the playground fund.
Farm & Ranch Raffle raised $2,980 for the playground fund
Paddle Poker Run raised $2,636.92 for the events committee for designated projects.
Golf Cart Parade & Hot Dog Vendor on the lake front

Upcoming Events
Saturday of Labor Day Weekend will be Husker Tailgate Party & Fish Fry
Sunday of Labor Day Weekend will be the 2nd Annual Duck Races.  Tickets will be on sale soon.
Proceeds from both will be for the general fund

December 2nd & 3rd will be the 2nd annual trail of lights Christmas light display on the back trail.
We are looking for volunteers to help decorate or who would like to have their own scene. We will be having a meeting this month for those looking to help.
We will also be in need of generators to borrow for the event. Contact Ashley Kaiser, Cyndi Schure or Nicole Levander.

Litigation Report
Norm gave an update on the litigation at the lake.  For 18 months the lake was involved in a lawsuit over ownership of roads at the lake.  We are pleased to announce that a settlement with the property owner was made that met the objectives of the ELC maintaining ownership of the traveled road.

The past lawsuits have brought to light the fact that the there is no clear ownership of the roads in the Ericson Lake subdivision.  The board on behalf of all members of the association believe that it is in the best interest in all that the lake take actions to retain ownership of all of the traveled roads to avoid costly litigations in the future.
Per our attorney the simplest and most cost effective way for us to do so is to have all property owners who have property that abuts the roads voluntarily sign a quitclaim deed giving up any interest they MAY have in the 20’ of the road that abuts their property to the Ericson Lake Corporation.  Norm has gathered all information and has paperwork prepared for any owners ready to sign.
As of the today there are 23% of all owners have already signed, which accounts for 28% of all lots and several other who have picked up their paperwork to sign and return this weekend.  We would like to have all of these completed as soon as possible.
The phone company has a grant for rural fiber optic and is wanting to provide the service to the lake since we have several wanting internet access at the lake.  They are not able to start this project until we have common ownership of the roads.
Anybody with any questions please talk to Norm or any board member.

There is currently $93,000 in the endowment fund.  We are able to use the interest on that for something specific at or for the lake each year or we can roll it over to the following year.  It must be taken at least every 2 years or the interest will roll into the principal.  There should be about $3,200 available this year, we will not have the exact amount until later this month.

Reminder to all that the speed limit at the entire lake is 15mph.   We have had issues with speeding at the lake.  Please have a discussion and remind your kids, guest and renters to obey all traffic laws at the lake.  Please lead by example and following the speed limit yourself and kindly ask anybody you see speeding or driving carless to slowdown.  There are many kids and pets around the lake and we do not need an accident.

Again, we are not having the Labor Day auction. Please do not drop off items around the carousel or ELC buildings.

Please remember to put your trash in the dumpsters.  This is a busy weekend fi you can pile the trash on the top and not beside the dumpsters.  The lake is charged extra for each bag on the ground.  If you see something on the ground please put it in or on top.  Same goes for the dumpster at the dam if it is overflowing if you can pick up and take to the dumpsters by the building.
If you do have large items such as mattresses etc. you can call the trash company and pay the extra fee for oversized items prior to pick up.

Fall Cleanup will be in October.  We will have a list of items needing done by then.

Dam Computer: The computer system at the dam that controls the gates is obsolete and can no longer get parts for it.  Ed has been doing a good job keeping it going, but it needs to be updated in the very near future.  The cost for the new computer control is around $15,000.  This is a necessity for the operation of the dam and without the dam would be no lake.

Group Mailbox:  There has been another mail theft spree around the lake area.  It has been discussed about the possibility of getting a secure cluster mailbox to be put by the ELC building for a deposit and annual fee. If you have any interest in having a secure mailbox please let the ELC board know so they can evaluate the options.

Lake-NRD development committee:  The board is forming a subcommittee to work on the short and long term goals of the lake with the NRD and Environmental Trust. Roger Helgoth is going to be the chairman of the committee and looking for 3-4 people to be on the committee with him.

Dam Reimbursement from the NRD has been on hold due to restructuring of the passing of the boards president and restricting of their board.  The new board members are not familiar with the lake and projects that the NRD has worked with us om in the past.  They are still working on lining up a time for their committee to come out and visit the lake.   One of the projects for Roger’s new committee will be putting together information on what they have helped the lake with in the past and what we would like their cooperation om now.

Fred Gerber Fishing Tournament with be held in September and will either be on a Friday evening this year or Saturday morning.  More information to come.

Ribeye Steak Winner:  The board held a drawing for members who paid their dues by May 1 and were present at the meeting.  After several absentee individuals were drawn.  Joe Wadas won the 4-ribeye steaks.

Yard of the Year winner:  Norm & Judy Mieth

Volunteer of the Year:  The Ericson Lake Events Committee

Election:  This year Tom Haase, Jerry Schoenenberger and Mike Knake and Nick Merriman’s terms were up, leaving 4 openings on the board. Nick Merriman has decided to step down.  We want to thank Nick for his years of service to the lake.  Tom Jerry & Mike all re-ran for the board along with Delmer Pelster.  Filling the 4 vacancies.   We would like to Welcome Delmer to the board.  He and his wife Dee have the old Terry Held place on the East side of the lake.

Reminder Bake Sale & Silent Auction are going on after the meeting.  Golf Cart Parade will be at 5:00 today.  Paddle Poker Run, Farm & Ranch Raffle Drawing, Hot Dog Vender and Fireworks will be tomorrow.

Tom made a motion to adjourn, Second by Ashley.  Meeting adjourned.

Next Annual Meeting will be on Saturday, July 1st, 2023

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary