January 2016



January 16, 2016    9:30 AM

Larry Belz
Tom Haase
Charlie Krohn, Sec.
Tracy Lantis

Mike Armstrong
Paul Claus, Treasurer
Kevin Hlavac
Derald Watson, Vice Pres.

Chris Levander
Donna Uhrenholdt
Joe Wadas, President
Steve Wenz

The Ericson Lake Corporation Board of Directors met on Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 9:30 AM at the Charlie and Cheryl Krohn cabin.

Present: Donna Uhrenholdt, Mike Armstrong, Derald Watson, Paul Claus, Charlie Krohn, Chris Levander

Also present: Terry Held, Michelle Usasz, Jaymee Levander and Nora Levander

Absent: Joe Wadas, Tom Haase, Larry Belz, Kevin Hlavac, Tracy Lantis, Steve Wenz

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Mission Statement. The minutes from the October board meeting were approved as printed with the exception of there being possibly only one dock space available, which Mike will check on.


TREASURER’S:  Paul reported a total of $18,568 in the checking account, with 25 members having paid dues so far.  Carousel Fund: $6,197 balance after construction bills paid; PayPal: $639; and Raffle Account: $263.97. The Ericson State Bank loan stands at $8,936. A bill for $105.70 was turned in for postage for the December mailing.

Paul’s written report showed 2015 totals in income as $106,295.22 and expenses of $102,319.89. Totals for 2015 also showed camping donations of $9,729; trash pickup, $4,052; electricity, $3,149; and phone (internet for dam SCADA system), $1,275. Expenses also included paying for the SCADA system, insurance and payments on the bank loan. The report was approved.  

CAROUSEL:  Derald reported that the grant application to the Git ‘er Done Foundation for Carousel expenses was denied. Chris will be getting estimates on concrete for underneath, but that would be an ELC expense if completed.

CENTENNIAL HISTORY BOOK:  Kali Hlavac is still working on laying out the material into book form.

CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE:  Only 5 postcards have been returned so far with volunteers for the suggested activities. There have been extra donations for fireworks coming in with dues.  Board members will also meet with Jack Poulsen at the Ericson State Bank about the fireworks and inflatables that are planned. Joe would like to include a ‘Vinyl Night’ of playing old records under the Carousel. Steve and Becky Wenz and Terry and Linda Held have volunteered to take care of the July 2nd BBQ.


  • Discussion held about a time capsule, and a PVC pipe capsule will be pursued. Mike will bring an example to the next meeting.
  • Discussion about putting a written agreement into place concerning docks, i.e. if a cabin is sold, does their dock space go with the cabin or revert back to the waiting list? The board will go over the current rules when there are more board members in attendance.
  • The 2015 NET grant application for the pods and bridge was denied. The information concerning where the ELC scored will be reviewed to hopefully improve on the rating if the application is resubmitted this year.



  • Terry Held and Michelle Usasz presented a proposal from a neighboring land owner about his selling one acre lots adjacent to the cabin area. Zoning rules regulate lot size, but Cabin Realty has had requests for larger lots at the lake than are currently available. There was a favorable response with the board, and the landowner would work with the ELC as far as covenants, etc. The proposal is two to three years out for completion, and will be a topic at the Annual Meeting in July.
  • Consensus of the board that a photographer does not need to be hired for pics of any ELC Centennial events. Participants can share pics via Facebook or email.
  • Joe checked into the new NRCS wetlands program and found that the ELC is not eligible this year.
  • Mike received the burn permit and handled burning the tree pile by himself after the county pushed it together. The county may return to push up what remains to get the pile moved out of the way of the Buller Trail entrance. A bobcat will be used to smooth out the caterpillar tracks in the spring. PLEASE-only tree branches should go into the tree dump! There is the possibility that grass clippings and leaves can be dumped on part of the ‘North 40’ (shooting range acres). More info on that will be forthcoming.
  • Interest was shown in having framed prints made of the original blueprints of the plat of the cabin area and selling them at the ELC Auction. A decision will be made of what will be framed at the next meeting.
  • Derald and Paul reviewed their progress for the 2016 Raffle, and several board members committed to the $100 sponsorship. Twenty $100 donors are needed, so notify any board member if you will be a raffle sponsor. Prizes will be announced when they are finalized. A business card of sponsors will be included in the time capsule if that project is completed.  Various ideas were presented for using the raffle proceeds: to finance Centennial events (the BBQ, more fireworks, prizes), a community storm shelter, ADA sidewalk to the Carousel.
  • Derald reminded the board about submitting a grant application for funding specific projects to the Wheeler County Foundation.
  • Consensus was not to have special ELC Board shirts.



OPEN FORUM:  The bridge that was to be utilized in the NET grant proposal project is available to purchase from Ed Hoevet, who installed the ELC dam’s tree guard. Could the ELC purchase it and install it as a raised fishing pier, in anticipation of future funding being secured to extend the berm? In the future, the plan would be to connect the current berm to the emergency spillway breach area and the bridge, making a walking trail loop.


  • Mike Armstrong for burning the tree pile and blading snow off of roads.
  • Randy Janak for assisting Mike in keeping the blade and pickup in running shape.

The next ELC Board Meeting will be held on Saturday, February 20 at 9:30 AM and all are welcome to attend.

Motion by Mike, second by Paul to adjourn at 11:15 AM; motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Krohn, Recording Secretary