February 2016

Ericson Lake Corporation

Board of Directors Meeting

February 20, 2016

Larry Belz
Tom Haase
Charlie Krohn, Sec.
Tracy Lantis

Mike Armstrong
Paul Claus, Treasurer
Kevin Hlavac
Derald Watson, Vice Pres.

Chris Levander
Donna Uhrenholdt
Joe Wadas, President
Steve Wenz

The Ericson Lake Corporation Board of Directors met on Saturday, February 20, 2016, at the Paul and Theresa Claus cabin. Derald Watson called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.

Present:  Donna Uhrenholdt, Chris Levander, Derald Watson, Larry Belz, Mike Armstrong, Kevin Hlavac, and Paul Claus.

Also present:  Brent Pickrel

Absent:  Joe Wadas, Steve Wenz, Tracy Lantis, Tom Haase, and Charlie Krohn

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Mission Statement.


Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from the January 16, 2016 meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report:  Paul reported a total of $18,472.64 in the checking account, with 43 members having paid dues so far; Carousel Fund $6,298.79; PayPal $639.76; and Raffle Account $1,463.97.  The Ericson State Bank loan stands at $8,936.53.

Paul also reported that 1/3 to ½ of the campsites are already booked for the upcoming season. There will be bills coming for the truck insurance and license plates for the truck.

Mike made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented; Kevin seconded.  Motion carried.

Membership Account: Paul reported earlier that 43 members have paid their dues so far.

Burn Program:  It was reported that Joe is working with fire department and pheasants forever. Paul said that next week someone will be coming to review the areas that need to be burned — over by the county road bridge, behind Helgoth’s cabin, and along the berm.  


Storm Shelter/Restrooms:  Joe is checking on a legal septic installation.  Joe would like to put these 2 items together so it would be multifunctional.  Chris is working on prices of concrete and also on the septic system that would be necessary.  Central location would be behind the community building. Location still to be decided.

Old Business:

100 yr Celebration – Donna said the committee is going to meet today.

Time Capsule – Several ideas were suggested.  Mike brought a sample of a time capsule he made using PVC pipe.  Chris suggested the possibility of using a cemetary urn or baby casket.  He said either he or his dad could possibly donate one. Brent Pickrel said he has Wheeler Central high school working on one in the welding class.  Decisions still need to be made by the board on the type of time capsule to be made and the contents, as well as where it will be located.

Written Agreement for Docks– At the last meeting a discussion was held if someone sells a cabin and if they have a dock space if that space goes with the cabin purchase or if it is dealt with separately.  Those present felt that this would be one way to get new cabin owners to be lake association members. The group felt it should be an option and that it also adds value to a cabin.  Paul and Mike will go through the dock list – 2 spaces left. Paul will work up wording and bring it back to the next meeting.

Tree dump – Discussion held on dumping leaves and grass over at the bluerock shoot area and that this would be a good way to create mulch for people to use.  The group discussed the possibility of putting signs at the west and east entrances to the current tree dump indicating it is for trees only. Paul will work on the signage.

Acre lots east of the lake – At last meeting Terry Held approached the board regarding the property owner right east of the lake creating 14 one-acre lots.  Concern was expressed about controlling access to the lake property as well as if that development would have any influence on the valuations for the current property owners.  The board does feel that housing would be better than cattle in that area. The members of the board would like to see the layout of the proposed development and possibly present it to the property owners at the annual meeting.  The lake board needs time to make a decision.

Raffle update –  Derald reported that there are currently 17 sponsors.  With the most recent donations there is currently $2163.97 in the raffle account.  Paul and Derald will be meeting with Lynn Cole about a shotgun which will have an engraved plate put on the stock of the gun. Other possible prizes include a 55 inch TV, a possible donation of a tablet computer from Best Buy, $300 gift card from Walmart, a prize from the western store in Burwell, Shopko giftcard, possibly a gift card from Target, and a meal from the Starving Stallion.  Ticket books will be printed in March and selling tickets will begin April 2. Tickets will be $5 each, however if you will be able to buy a book of 5 for $20 (which means 1 ticket will be free) . Names of the sponsors will go on a banner as well as on the tickets; and if they have business cards they will be put in the time capsule. Kevin has been in touch with someone regarding a Traeger grill as a raffle prize. Chris said he would see if he can possibly get a Green Mountain grill donated for the raffle or a reduced cost.  

Removing tree at dam – The big tree is going to be taken down at the dam, hopefully soon.

New Business:

Vinyl night – Joe wants to have everyone get together to listen to records under the carousel during the July 4th weekend.

Bridge and jetty pricing –  The bridge is still available for purchase for future placement.  The group discussed that the bridge could be placed where the berm extension will come across and be up high enough so that boats could go under it.  It could be placed there before any extension of the berm and used as a fishing pier. The price of the 40 foot bridge is $2500. Paul would be in favor of purchasing it and storing it until needed.  

Blueprints of the power plant – Joe wants to frame them and sell them.

Camping reservation tags/sign – Joe is trying to redo the system for marking the campsites and he is working with Gary and Dixie Laughlin about the new procedure.  It was decided to have Joe discuss this at the next meeting.

Concrete floor for carousel – Chris estimated about $11,000 for 5 inch concrete going out 2 foot beyond the edge of the carousel roof and $500 more if it has to be pumped.  The Carousel Committee has discussed putting in a sidewalk if there were funds available.

Improvements on the veterans memorial flags – Joe would like to put up a flag for every branch of the military around the flagpole that is currently there.  There will be a veteran’s celebration the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

White rock for entrance A and B – White rock is estimated at $35 a ton.  It would cost about $900 to $950 a load; probably 1 load in each of the entrances and also at the turnaround south of the dam.  Gravel just doesn’t hold up as well as the white rock. The county will not pay for anything off the county road.

Paul made a motion to pay $8,000 on the loan.  Seconded by Derald. Motion carried.

Milkweed plugs for butterfly garden – Joe is working with someone to get the plugs.  This can be discussed at the next meeting when Joe is here.

Sign donated by Larry and LoAnn Belz – Larry said that their church in Stanton got a new sign so he has the sign to donate to the lake.  He feels that the sign could be put by the new power pole south of the community building. It could be put up on clean-up day.  It lights up and has letters so that announcements can be made. Thanks to Larry and LoAnn for the donation!

Avenue of Flags – Paul is getting the plaques made for the avenue of flags.

Purchase of a Mower – The old mower is being worked on in Ord.  Joe has looked into getting a new mower in case the old one quits.  The old one has a lot of hours and time on it. While it still has some value, it could be traded in.  It is about $10,000 for a new mower. The current mower still looks good. Joe has suggested keeping the old one to mow the berm and campsites.  The old mower is only valued at about $2000 on trade in. Joe can discuss this at the next meeting.

Stabilizing riverbank at campground – Joe talked to Frahm about stabilizing the shore at the river campground.  The board feels that whatever is used to stablize the shortline needs to be something that cannot be lifted and moved.  Joe can discuss this at the next meeting.

Fish application – Derald reported that fish are available to purchase from Orschlens.  Only at Grand Island store, not at Ord. You have to take lake water as well as an aeration device for the tanks of fish.  Time is a factor also in getting the fish here to keep them alive. Channel catfish .65 or .79 each, bluegill .65, bass 1.09 each, and crappie .75 each.  Other varieties are also available. Fish have to be ordered by April 29 for pickup in May. Paul said the state will not stock the lake. This can be discussed at the next meeting.

The Board would like to thank Terry Held for snow removal during the blizzard the first week of February and for his work grading the streets around the Lake.

Open forum:

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn at 11:04 a.m. was made by Paul and second by Mike.  Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Chris Watson, recording secretary