February 20, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, February 20, 2021  9:30 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas

Pledge of Allegiance

Mission Statement

Roll Call
    Present: Joe Wadas, Tom Haase, Amy Gizinski, Ashley Kaiser, Jerry Schoenenberger, Norm Mieth,
Paul Claus Jr. Donna Uhrenholdt via zoom
Absent:  Chris Levander, Kevin Hlavac, Mike Knake, Nick Merriman

Others Present:  None

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last meeting are posted on the lake’s website and a copy available to read at meeting.  Joe made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, Second by Tom, Motion Carried.

Treasurers Report:
As of February 1, 2021 the account balances are:
General Fund ———- $21,724.32
Paypal Act. ————- $8,881.09
Extra Act. ————— $47.74
Events Comm. ——— $5,847.51

As of today there are 48 members who have paid their 2021 dues.

Due to a mail theft issue, we will be posting a list of who has paid and who has not.  If you have paid your dues and do not see your name on that list, please check to see if check has been cashed and let the lake and Wheeler County Sheriff’s office know.

Farmer’s & Merchant’s Bank is now charging a $8.50/month inactivity charge to accounts not being used on a monthly basis.  This fee has been debited from the Extra Account the lake has kept open in case we needed it for special funds. Was discussed if we wanted to keep this account open and use it for legal fees or close it.  Norm mentioned they may also have a larger minimum amount to keep an account open.  Will check on this and decide at next meeting what to do with this account.

As of now the camping registrations are up over 1 ½ times what they have been at this time in the past.

On Feb. 1st the first payment of $418 was made from the lake to the events committee for repayment of the funds borrowed to pay the loan off at the bank at the end of 2020.

It was brought up to remind everyone that the Events Committee funds are raised by events for special projects and items for the lake and not intended as part of the general maintenance funds.  In the past funds have bought a handicap restroom at the beach, new swimming ropes at the beach and funds are being saved for a tornado shelter for the lake.

So far in 2021 $17,085 has come in.  $13,000 membership dues, $1,440 for the endowment, $485 for fireworks, $160 for other, and $950 dock fees

We have an outstanding bill of approx. $19,500 to Kokes Construction for the dam repairs.  $7,000 was paid at the end of last year and an anonymous donor paid $1,100 to Kokes directly to go towards the bill.  Thank you to the anonymous donor.

Motion was made by Tom to make a payment of $8,000 on the bill with funds from the paypal account.  Second by Paul.  Motion Carried.

Amy has a new accounting software Aplos that she would like to get for the lake to use that is designed specifically for non-profit organizations.  It can handle all accounting aspects, show projections, it can also be used for our paddle poker and fun run events for people to register and pay directly through a link, also has the capability to send out mass emails or text for people to donate to fireworks on the 4th or a specific lake cause.  Can also pull all reports for tax documents and filings.  Normally it cost $59/month, but Amy has a code to get it the first year for $29/month.

We had put in the annual news letter about a anonymous donor going to match donations for the endowment.  We have seen some extra funds coming in for the endowment.  Currently there is $8X,XXX in it.  Joe will get an updated statement from Becky Plugge at the county office for the exact figure for next meeting.  Tom suggested that when we start getting close to the $100,000 mark we need to try to do a big push.

Motion by Paul and second by Norm to approve the treasurers report.  Motion carried.

Events Committee
We are looking to do a Paddle Poker Run this year either on 4th of July Weekend or Labor Day Weekend.  Suggested that 4th of July Weekend would have the most people.  Also suggested having one both weekends since we are not doing auction.  Will have more discussion and decide on date(s).

Also planning on having an outdoor movie 1 weekend a month during the summer.  And potential to possibly have a football game on the outdoor screen and tail gate party.

Suggested that a popcorn machine would be a good investment to go along with the outdoor movies.

Old Business
Maintenance on the dam gates needs to be done this spring.

Water levels below the dam still need to be checked.  Hope to be done this spring also.

Ed Knott will be updating the software for the dam ad installing a camera at the dam that we will be able to monitor online

Herley’s did get the 2 sheds that were on ELC property moved.

We are working on an updated map for dock spaces as some people have traded spaces.  Getting close to having this completed.

We did not get a chance to have a zoom conference with our insurance agent.  Since Covid restrictions have lifted we would like to have her come up to the lake for a meeting to go through our coverage in detail.

Executive Session
Tom made a motion to enter executive session, second by Paul.  Entered executive session at 10:13 AM and left executive session at 10:55 AM

New Business
Mail Theft – There has been an individual at the lake steeling mail from mailboxes this winter and forging checks in the mail.  Wheeler County Sheriff’s office is trying to make a case stick but needs any and all individuals who have had mail stolen in this area to contact them.  Right now it is too small for the USPS to take on.  Please watch your mail, bank accounts and anything else your personal information may have been compromised on and report theft or suspicious activity to Wheeler County Sheriff / Region 26 at 308-942-3435
At least 1 dues check that we are aware of has been stolen.  We will be posting a list of the members whose membership dues have been received.  If your name is not on that list and you have mailed in your dues, please check your bank account to see if it has been cashed, contact the lake board and report to Sheriff’s office.

Amy is going to pick up a locking mailbox the lakes mail.

Joe brought up looking into getting a cluster mailbox like in cities for all the residents that receive mail at the lake and putting it across from the ELC Building.  He had looked into this a few years back and was Ok’d by post office to do so.  We now have a new postmaster, he will check with them on it again and then see who all would be interested.

Is the dam ready for spring thaw and surge of water from upstream? With the warm weather we need to get some gates unfroze and would be able to open 3 gates to lower water.  3 gates are still winterized with boards – will take those out at Spring cleanup.

Joe is going to talk to NRD to see if the bill for the dam repair can be turned into them to get funds with the outstanding balance due.  The amount that would be received back would pay that balance off.

Are we having an auction this year – No.  The manpower to setup, run the auction and cost to get rid of the items left from the auction is not cost effective for the lake.  PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF ANY ITEMS OR APPLIANCES AT THE ELC BUILDINGS.

We are looking at other fundraising ideas instead of the Labor Day auction.

Joe called the well guy again about the pump jack at the camp site not working.  Said he would get to it here when the weather warms up.

Rock for the roads – we are going to need some rock for the roads when they start thawing out.  Motion made by Tom to get a truck load of rock and seconded by Paul.  Motion carried.

Trees at the tree dump need to be burned, would be a good time to do so with the snow on the ground.

Motion by Ashley to adjourn the meeting at 11:30 AM, Seconded by Amy.

Next meeting will be Saturday, March 20th

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary