February 15, 2020 Minutes

Lake Ericson Association Board Meeting

Saturday, February 15, 2020 ~ 9:30 AM

Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Wadas

Pledge of Allegiance and Mission Statement Read

Roll Call

Present: Paul Claus Jr., Ashley Kaiser, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas, Nick Merriman, Jason Becker, Carey Deeds, Tom Haase,

Absent: Jerry Schoenenberger, Kevin Hlavac, Chris Levander, Mike Knake,

Public Attendees:  Norm Mieth

Secretary’s Report
Secretary Jerry was unable to attend meeting today.  Proceeded directly into Treasurer’s report.

Treasurer’s Report
General Fund = $13,193.26
Paypal Account = $359.29
Events Committee = $14,380.69
Special Account = $55.22  (this account was opened to keep the funds from the funds from the sale of the property to Herley separate, we have left enough money in this account to keep open in case we would need a separate account again)

We currently owe $15,000 on the note at Ericson State Bank

We have an outstanding bill of $7,000 for Kokes Construction for work that does not include the winter work.  Will total approx. $25,000 when the dam repairs are completed.

Paul has a spreadsheet that has all income and expenses broke down on it included all miscellaneous expenses.  This will be printed off and made available to everybody at the annual meeting.

Motion made by Ashley to approve the treasurers report, seconded by Tom

Old Business
A) What repairs have been made and what is left to do.
* Back in March the wash out under the spillway at the dam was 25 ft. deep.  Rock was placed in the hole with intention to be covered with concrete, unfortunately the Memorial Day weekend flood washed out the first batch of rock.  There has been rock placed in the hole again.  Once we have some consistent temperatures above 40 there will be large boulders placed and anchored to the apron and concrete poured over.  Once that has been completed, we will refill the lake.

* Gate #2 needs repaired, needs a new slider.  We are looking for somebody to fabricate a water diversion cage to slide down along the gates and be able to work and weld on the gates without having to drain the lake each time.  Reaching out to Chris Niefield, Will Curry and Roger Johnson.

* Gate #3 needs repaired. The manual control is faulting.  Nick Merriman volunteered to take the control back with him after the meeting this weekend and deliver to Council Bluffs to be fixed to save us mileage/freight.

* One of the hard drives that controls the program that runs the automated dam controls was fried. In order to replace, the operating system needs to be updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Ed Knott is updating the operating system for us.

* Down the road Ed will be installing a camera at the dam to monitor water flow.  Once it is done if possible, we will stream that camera footage on the website so the public can see.

B) Electrical for Terry Held Building
Electrical has been ran to the Terry Held Building. Cost was $2,825 funding for this came from the annual Endowment payout.
There is a volunteer that has offered to put in some additional lighting in the building.
We will be moving equipment from the current ELC building to the new building shortly and using the current ELC building for meetings and functions.

C) Dock Regulations
We are in the process of updating the lake’s dock regulations. Chris Levander & Ashley Kaiser are working on those updates.

D) What do to about the Roads
It was discovered last summer during litigation that we do not own the roads at the lake.  A post card was sent out to all property owners with one of the questions addressing if the majority wants to proceed with gaining control of the roads to try to avoid any further lawsuits.  We are currently waiting for all postcards to be returned, but the results are favorable so far.

New Business
Thank you to Kevin & Lori Hlavac for providing and installing the locks for the Terry Held Building.

B) Banking – Discussion was had regarding the status of Ericson State Bank that was closed on Friday due to being insolvent, and currently in receivership to be transferred to Farmers & Merchant’s Bank out of Milford.   Jack has been very good to us over the years.  We currently have a $15,000 note at the bank.  For now we are going to visit with the new president of the bank later this week and find out what some of our options are and how they will work with us as a non-profit since they are a larger bank based out of town.  Will also keep an eye out for any other small locally owned banks in case we should need to move.   This also brings up the issue of obtaining legal ownership of the roads.  We will more than likely need to provide collateral to the bank going forward.

On Sunday afternoon after the meeting Paul Claus received a call from the FDIC that they now own our loan and we can no longer borrow any money. There is a process that they go through when a bank is taken over by the FDIC. Paul Claus, Norm Mieth and Joe Wadas went to the bank and spoke to the FDIC informing them that they can choose this bank or any other bank. Jim Bodyfield who is helping with the bank transfer as a local person invited them in to talk with the president of the Farmers and Merchant Bank of Milford. They were asked if they could get some collateral and was told that they believe they could and use the corporate building and the shooting range area for collateral for the time being. We have 30 days to get this taken care of or the FDIC will throw it in a bundler and who knows who will have our loan. We explained what was in process of doing this year and of everything that happened with the meeting. The bank said with a SID they will not need any collateral and that the SID would be their collateral. The bank actually, for better words, are experts in SID and gave us a lot of examples of communities that they work in. We would possibly be able to get, through the SID, 2% money on this. They are allowed, through the FDIC, up to a $12 million dollar loan depending on the equity. So today Joe is going to our attorney’s firm which also has a title company in the basement to discuss this. They will figure out the area that we are going to use and have Sy Thoene to appraise it and we would have something there to use for now. Joe told the president of the bank that it would take to the end of the year to complete. On a different subject, the bank will sponsor, as the old bank did, the fireworks. I hope that you are in agreement with this. Please respond ASAP for Joe is going forward with this with your blessing. Farmers Merchant Bank does have our saving and checking accounts and will take up to 6 months if there are any account changes. The three of us talked to them for about 45 minutes. It is under high security and so many people are in there that you cannot count them. Every person who has a loan will be talking to the FDIC and the new bank owners.

C) Ice-Eater – Tom Hasse brought up getting an ice-eater for winter spillway aeration. He has reached out to a rep and presented some information. This would bring warmer water from below to the surface and keep ice from building up at the dam around the gates.  This would alleviate the need to manually put in and take out the planks each year along with preventing ice damage to the gates and rails.  Tabled until later this summer.

D) Measuring Water Below Dam – Joe brought up that nobody has been measuring the water seepage below the dam since Gary Laughlin stopped doing it. Discussion was had that the tubes are still in place below the dam and the testing equipment is at the ELC building.  We will start measuring this again in spring and fall.

E) Water Testing – Also addressed was the concern that the water at the lake has not been tested for nitrates recently, another project Gary done for us while living at the lake. Tom Haase volunteered to have the water from the artesian well tested twice a year.  Results once received will be made available to the public.

F) Generator for Emergency Use at Spillway – Joe brought up again the need for an emergency generator at the spillway to run the gates during a power outage. During the flooding last spring a small lake upriver went out and the channel for it has been cut to drain into the Cedar River now making additional water flow and faster arrival time to the dam. When the Memorial Weekend 2019 flood hit the power was out.  Gates had to be manually cranked up to open.  This requires the volunteers and extensive labor to open manually.  If this were to happen during the week or when we are not able to get the manpower there to open the gates in time could cause a disaster.  Having a generator there that would kick in or could be started when the power goes out would allow for the gates to be operated remotely and open faster. At the 2019 Annual Meeting Chance Luscomb was going to look into finding a used generator.  Will check with Chance if he has found one or if anybody else has access to find a 480 Volt 3-phase generator we would appreciate an estimate.

G) Ed Knott Update Computer – Also discussed in the repairs above. Ed will be repairing and installing updates for the computer at the Dam and also installing a camera to view water flow.

H) Repairs to Gates #2 & #3 – Also discussed above in repairs. Gate #2 needs repaired, needs a new slider and Gate #3 needs repaired has a fault in the controls.  Nick Merriman was taking the part for Gate #3 home this weekend to drop off at the repair place in Council Bluffs to have fixed.

I) Ownership of Roads – If the results from the postcard survey come back in favor of ownership of the roads the next process to legally do so would be to have an official petition drawn up and available for everyone to sign to show there is majority interest to present to district court. This would be done up and available at the ELC Building for signatures from 07/01/2020 to 07/31/2020.  Once the signatures are gathered then the attorney can present the petition and case to the district court.  Cost for the petition is estimated at $3,000 and cost in total could be $10,000 – $15,000 depending on if somebody ties to fight it.  Once owned a Road Improvement District would be setup to assess and maintain roads.  There would be a separate 3 member board for the Road SID.  Question was posed about including the damn/spillway in the levy as well to make sure we have definite control over that and repairs to it. Waiting for the remainder of the postcards to come back, but as it stands it is looking favorable to move forward with owning the roads.

J) Warranty / Repairs to Carousel? Question was asked what type of warranty if any was on the carousel when it was restored a few years ago.  Shortly after restoration the roof (plywood & shingles) began pulling up.  Now the roof is sagging again and holding water.

K) Paddle Poker Run – Paddle Poker Run will be held this year on July 4th at 1:00 (registration at 12:00) after the annual meeting. Annual meeting will be at 9:00 am to allow time for all activities that day. We will offer online pre-registration and payment this year.  Watch the website for additional details.  Spread the word.  If you would like to volunteer, please let us know.

L) Possible Campsite with water and sewer – ELC was approached by a company that is putting in an R line from Thedford to Elgin.  They are looking for a place to install approx. 30 camper hookups along with water and sewer.  This site would be used by their employees for 2-3 years while they construct the power lines and then turned over to the lake.  Discussed pros and cons to the idea and possible locations.  Option #1 tying into and expanding existing camping area, Option #2 On the back side of the lake at the trail or Option #3 over at the old golf course.  Also noted that they should have it fenced and gated so it can only be accessed by their employees staying there.  Also noted that if we move forward that we have a clause to be able to back out if any issues arise from the employees staying there. Will discuss more at next meeting.

M) Spring Clean Up – April 18thSpring clean up will be Saturday April 18th, no date set yet for fall clean up.  Some things to be done include:
1 – Clean out the fire pits at the river and dam camp sites

2 – Remove any trees or brush from the tree guard at the dam

3 – Repair to the gate sleeve

4 – Put toilet paper in all the restrooms and clean

5  – others to come.

N) Still looking for small trailer – Nick Merriman has a 4×8 trailer that he will donate to the lake.

O) AED – Ashley passed out information for entering the lake into a giveaway for an AED for non-profits and organizations. Will post information on the lakes Facebook page if people can go out and register for the Ericson Lake Corporation and give a response why we could use one.

Events Committee
The only event we have planned for this year is the Paddle Poker Run on July 4th.  Watch the website and Facebook page for more details.

Motion was made by Tom Haase to adjourn and seconded by Carey Deeds.

Next Meeting March 21, 2020 – 9:30 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Ashley Kaiser, Board Member

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