Ericson Lake 2018-2019 Timeline

Membership voted to approve study to be done for sanitation proposal

Annual meeting in 2018 – explained the study of the sanitation proposal and some of the options

In August (I believe) Todd and Becky Norton filed an adverse possession to take control of Fowler Street

In December they filed another claim so we would be forever barred to cross the property that they are attempting to possess, that is when the board said “no”

In January after our attorneys did two title searches, we found out that Mr. Echternacht and Mr. Buckley purchased the roads from a Nelson Smith and a WSPC, for reference will be called “the two guys from Greeley”, and owned the property since 1941. We did not understand why we were still being sued when we do not own any of the roads. Evidently the way it was filed we could not get out of it at that time even though “the two guys from Greeley” own the property. The attorney’s said we needed to get the roads surveyed according to the map of 1916 so we could eliminate any further adverse possession of property on the lake.

At the end of May, the board approved the president to sign a document to go ahead and allow the property to be in the possession of the Norton’s and for them to go after “the two guys from Greeley”. We are now attempting to find a way that we may obtain the roads legally, that we thought we already owned for the last 40 years. While the research was being conducted, we also found out that the previous attorneys should have told the board that we never owned the roads that they discovered. Due diligence was not taken care of by whoever that may be and attempting to correct legally. We have two options – 1) have 99% of the land owners sign a document stating that we may use the roads for maintaining and utility purposes or 2) we do a road and levy district that would be like a governing body to take possession of the roads.

On June 17th the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary, along with Donna Uhrenholdt and a host of other concerned lake people/members were present at the hearing. We had negotiated that we would not pay for the Norton’s attorney fees and at the last minute they attempted to take control of the Blvd, however this was dismissed by the Judge. We now have an official map of the survey that we will have framed and on display at the Ericson Lake Corporate building for all to view.