August 2019

ELC Monthly Meeting

August 17, 2019

Meeting was called to order by President Wadas at 9:30 AM
The meeting opened with Pledge of Allegiance and the ELC mission statement

Roll Call

Members present were: Jason Becker, Paul Claus, Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac, Mike Knake, Chris Levander, Nick Merriman, Jerry Schoenenberger, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas
Absent: Carey Deeds, Ashley Kaiser
Guest: Chris Nietfeld

Secretary’s Report was approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dues, Campsite Donations & Bills

I.    Membership Account

Paid members 90

II.   Report/Finance

Bank accounts:
General fund………….. $5,811.75
Dam repair……………………$55.22
Pay Pal……………………  $2,526.91
Events…………………    $14,568.07
Total……………………    $22,961.95

We have reached the point that we need to borrow to pay bills.
The Labor Day auction will be the only fund raiser this year. Please support this with your sale
items and bidding.

Discussed non paid memberships. A reminder letter will be sent to these.

Treasurer’s report approved.

III.           Old Business

  1. Attorneys — SID and Norton suit. Norton matter settled by the court.The annual member newsletter will contain a survey asking member input concerning forming a SID for roads and/or a sewer system. Details of this survey are pending.
  2. Dam/spillway repair
    Roger Johnson has a generator we could use in case of power failure, so that we can get the gates open.
    Tom moved to have Kokes Construction repair the spillway before winter. Paul second, motion carried.
    Joe will speak with Roger Frahm concerning construction of a tree guard upstream from lake. Chris Nietfeld will research some options for removing trees from the lake above the dam, and will report at the September meeting
  3. There are no new developments concerning USDA funds for flood repair.

IV.    New Business (5 minutes per topic otherwise will recess to the end of the meeting)

  1. Trailer for fire pumper
    There is a trailer available for this, it just needs to be brought to the lake.
  2. Golf carts and four wheelers on lake front
    Due to the possibility of sandburs being carried into the grassy areas of the lake front, the board is discouraging the driving of golf carts and ATVs onto those areas
  3. Size limit on bass or catch and release? How can we do this?
    Nick Merriman made a motion to petition Game and Parks to raise size limit on bass to 21 inches. Paul second, motion carried.
  4. Electrical for Terry Held building
    Paul moved to complete upgrades to the Terry Held building with funds from the endowment payout. Donna second. Motion carried. Those funds total $2,825. When upgrades are completed, ELC equipment will be stored there, freeing up the community building for other purposes.
    Replacing the bulk tanks for mower gas and Bobcat diesel was discussed. Chris Nietfeld is going to build a platform for the fuel trailer. Nick will look into the availability and cost of new fuel tanks.
  5. What to do about the roads?
    Board will seek members input on how to repair and maintain the streets and roads. Nick Merriman stated he was considering donating some gravel for the main entrances as a means to help out the lake. This will probably be in October. Thank you, Nick!
  6. Members and non-members docks
    A question was raised concerning unpaid dock rentals. A registered letter will be sent to all doc owners who have not paid. Dock becomes property of lake if those fees are not paid in a timely manner. If you have a dock you do not want to keep, please notify the board. There is a waiting list. Three spaces are currently available.
    Tom moved to send certified letter to those with unpaid dock fees. Jason seconded the motion. If no response to the letter by Sept 30, 2019, said dock will be removed by ELC. Motion carried unanimously.
  7. Camping fees increase
    Motion to raise camping fees for the 2020 season to $30 for 50-amp hookup, $25 for 30-amp, tent camping to remain at $10 per tent. Motion carried unanimously
  8. Storm shelters -still pending. Nothing new.
  9. Fall clean up October 19, 2019 — things to be done:
    1. Cut trees
    2. Build up camp site #4
    3. Repair to spillway gate
    4. Others may be added

V.     Event Committee

VI.     Open Forum

  1. Nick Merriman authorized to use the Bobcat. He will be added to the insurance policy.
  2. A list of work items around the lake will be posted at the ELC building and on the website.
  3. Labor Day Auction September 1, 1:00 pm.
  4. Next Meeting/September 21 at 9:30 a.m.
  5. Cleanup day will be October 19.

Motion to adjourn by Tom

Meeting adjourned at 10:39 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Jerry Schoenenberger, Secretary

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