August 2018

Lake Ericson Association Meeting

Saturday, August 18, 2018

President Wadas called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the ELC Mission Statement

Roll Call

Present- Jason Becker, Larry Belz, Paul Claus Jr., Carey Deeds, Josh Gompert, Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac, Ashley Kaiser, Jerry Schoenenberger, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas.

Absent- Chris Levander

Others present were: Eric & Sharon Hadenfeldt, Roger Helgoth, Chris Nietfeld, and Jean Armstrong

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dues, Campsite Donations & Bills

Paul reported there are 87 paid memberships, with several yet to be paid. Reminder letters will be sent to those who have not renewed for 2018.

Financial report:

General Fund………. $13,896.00

Building Fund………..  4,054.13

Pay Pal…………….…  3,580.22

Event Committee………..14,963.22

Total…………………… $36,493.78

Outstanding bills total approximately $6,000 currently

III.           Old Business

  1. Sewer discussion. The engineer is waiting on return correspondence from the state.
  2. Storm shelter discussion: This is on hold at this time.The time of availability for wind farm surplus is unknown. They have our number to contact us. Roger Helgoth offered some information relating to storm shelter funding. NRD should have info    regarding ELC eligibility for storm shelters through some other gov’t agencies.

IV.   New Business

  1. Labor Day Auction. WE ARE SEEKING VOLUNTEERS:  Need someone to head up the auction this year. Also, several more to assist on sale day. It takes more than 3 volunteers. If you can help out, contact any board member. Joe will place an ad on the Ord radio station to run in advance of the sale. As was the case with the annual barbeque, if there are not enough volunteers, we will be forced to abandon this project in the future.
  2. Some suggestions for changes to the new website were: Allowing membership renewals through the website; Put camping registrations online, patterning these after Game and Parks Dept. rules; Spaces will not be considered reserved until paid for; The annual newsletter will contain this information; It was also suggested that hyperlinks to outside rental information be on the website. This will  be investigated further.
  3. ELC will be involved in discussion concerning county acquisition of lake property for county bridge construction. Joe, Paul, and Jerry will represent ELC in this.
  4. There are currently enough volunteers to mow, but if you wish to help, you are welcome to do so.
  5. Another area in need of volunteers is to monitor the campgrounds for cleaning of fire rings, etc.
  6. Repairs are needed on the geo tube. There is some erosion on the river side. Joe has lined up Roger Frahm to remove stumps at dam, and also move riprap from dam to berm for those repairs.
  7. The truck and snow plow will be listed for sale with Big Iron Auctions, probably in October.
  8. Signage has arrived to limit camper trailer traffic on selected streets. Those signs will be placed in the near future. Those street restrictions will also be placed on the website.
  9. There is concern that ATV traffic is damaging the trail due to excessive speed. Users are reminded of the need to slow down and enjoy the surroundings. Wood chips are available for trail repair, if someone would want to place them on eroded areas. Grass clippings work well, also.
  10. Concerning youngsters driving. What suggestions do ELC member have? The board would appreciate your input on this. Thoughts: Suggested age limit, i.e., 16, unless accompanied by an adult? Let your board members know your thoughts. Lake rules will be updated for the coming year. This is needed in light of the reality of changing circumstances.
  11. Fall cleanup day will be September 15th.
  12. Joe completed and sent information for the Visit Nebraska publication.
  13. Light switches will be installed on some street lights along the Boulevard.
  14. Donna Uhrenholdt would like to install drain tile by their cabin. She will provide a map with details as to where she would like to have it placed. Moved by Carey, seconded by Ashley, to grant permission contingent on neighbors’ okay, Motion Carried.

VII.          Meeting adjourned at 10:35 AM.

Next meeting – September 15th at 9:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Schoenenberger, Secretary

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