August 20, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Ericson Lake Corporation Regular Board Meeting
Saturday, August 20, 2022  9:30 am

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas
Pledge of Allegiance
Mission Statement

Roll Call
     Present: Joe Wadas, Amy Gizinski, Ashley Kaiser, Paul Claus, Delmer Pelster, Norm Mieth, Jerry Schoenenberger,
Cyndi Schure,
Absent:  Tom Haase, Roger Helgoth, Kevin Hlavac & Mike Knake

Others Present: Larry Thelen

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the last meeting are posted online and had been emailed to everyone, Motion by Paul to approve minutes as posted, Second by Jerry.   Motion Carried.

Treasurers Report: 

General Account:  $29,909.05

Event Committee Account:  $9,264.95

Online Deposits Account (Paypal, WePay, Amazon):  $13,567.06
Money Market Account: $29,234.95  (Playground equipment & Dam Fund)

Playground Fund $23,129.45

Dam Fund: $6,048.51

Currently 98 paid dues members.   2 others thought they had already paid and said they will pay.

Upcoming bills this fall will be insurance on Bobcat, ELC Building, General liability and directors & officers.

There will be a bill from M&M’s for fuel for lawn mowers & skid loader and one from Genes Electric for 3 breakers for campsites and 50 amp receptacle

Camping is down this year compared to last year.  YDT we are at $14,252.48 and last year for all of 2021 it was $22,357.21

Garbage bill was up for July service due to the high volume of trash over the 4th of July and we have been with the same trash service for many years, going to see if they would donate an extra dumpster to have on the 4th of July Weekend.

A property member volunteered to bring a dump trailer to put some trash in on that weekend so it is not on the ground.

There was a stop payment made on payment made for camping.  Amy is going to look into further.

Due to other obligations, Amy will be stepping down from the board in July when her term is up.  We will need to find a new treasurer.

Motion by Ashley to approve the treasurers report, second by Norm.  Motion carried.

Events committee Update:

Labor Day Weekend we will have our 2nd Annual Husker Tailgate party under the carousel on Saturday, Ben & Cindy Edwards will be having a free will donation fish fry during the tailgate.

2nd Annual Duck Races on Sunday.  Proceeds from these events go towards the general fund for dam repairs.

December 2nd & 3rd will be our 2nd Annual Trail of Lights Ride Through Christmas Light Display on the back trail. Anybody wanting to help this year please let us know.

Old Business:

Playground Equipment – We have reached our goal and will be getting the playground equipment ordered by Labor Day Weekend.

Website:  We are looking for a web designer or somebody to help out either with the website we currently have who can work with us on our current word press site using beaver builder or come up with something more user friendly as we are wanting to incorporate our newsletters, online camping reservations and banner ads.  Going to reach out to the gal that designed it to see if she would like work on it on the side.

Campsite Reservations: Would like to get vendor decided to implement online camping reservations starting the 1st of the year.

NRD: Joe, Jerry & Roger met with the NRD.  We are needing to come up with a detailed outline on what we have spent and what future project we may be looking at them to assist with. Need to show what we have spent to keep the dam going, what needs to be spent on the dam, projected cost to dredge the lake, extend the Jetty and dig out the NW side. The NRD wants us to go to the county commissioners’ firs and see what funds he county is willing to contribute to the lake.  Joe has contacted the county and is on the agenda for their next meeting.

Dam Maintenance: The current cost for the new computer & SCADA system for the dam is $46,000.  Paul made a motion to move forward with getting the dam controls ordered and coming before we have a major problem, second by Jerry.  We would need 30% down at the time of ordering and the rest when it is shipped.  Discussed how we would pay for it, using funds from the dam fund & online account along with the funds from Labor Day weekend events, some form general and if we have to borrow from the bank. Motion carried by unanimous Individual votes to proceed with ordering the new computer & SCADA system.

Tree Cleanup: We need to cut the trees at the dam, our dam inspection is coming up soon and we cannot have trees growing near the dam.  There are some trees on the back trail that need to be trimmed before trail of lights.  There is also 2 trees by the carousel on the SW side that need to be cut down a Ash & Cedar if anybody is interested in them for firewood, they must take both.

Signs:  The red flag signs are done.   When we are in a red flag warning these signs will be posted letting people know we can’t have any fires at the lake.

Group Mail Boxes: We are still looking at the possibility of getting a secure group mailbox to put by the ELC building.  Lowes has them for $2,375.  Let Joe know if you would be interested, it would require a deposit and annual fee.

Dock Regulations: Before the road litigation we had been working on revising the dock regulation we have and any changes. There are several docks in the water currently that are in need of repairs.  Going to revisit finishing up the dock regulations in the near future.

New Business
We are going to work on a trying to get a grant through the environmental trust.

We will be getting locks put on the gates of the dam after the incident in SW Nebraska with somebody opening the gates on a canal.

The tree dump needs to be burned when we have good snow cover.  Delmer will bring a loader over to push it up again.

Chris Levander is going to look at shoring up the carousel that is in need of repairs again.

Roads:  Norm updated us on the roads of the 369 total lots we have signed forms back on 130 of them (36%), There 91 forms that were sent out to people who indicate they will get them signed and returned, that will be 62% of the lots.  Norm is working on some on trust, and ownership changes that were never filed after a death.   These will take a little longer to work through.

A property owner has been in contract with Norm about donating equipment for a disc golf course at the lake. Looking on the back side of the lake. Ashley made a motion to procced as long as no cost to the lake, second by Paul.  Motion carried.

Cedar Trail by the Terry Held building will be kept as a walking only trail.

Norm made a motion to enter executive session.

Motion by Paul to adjourn, second by Amy.

Next meeting will be Saturday, September 17th.  9:00 AM

Respectfully submitted by
Ashley Kaiser, Secretary