August 15, 2020 Minutes

ELC Board Meeting

August 15, 2020

Regularly scheduled meeting was held at the carousel for social distancing.

Meeting called to order by President Wadas at 9:35 AM.  Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, and the ELC Mission Statement.

Roll Call
Members present were: Paul Claus Jr., Amy Gizinski, Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac, Ashley Kaiser (via zoom), Chris Levander, Nick Merriman, Norm Mieth, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas.
Absent:  Mike Knake, Jerry Schoenenberger
Also in attendance were:  Jean Armstrong, Brent Pickering, Carrie Davenport, Deb Smith (arrived at 10:15am)

Minutes of the Annual Meeting, and the board reorganization meeting that followed were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Membership report:
Financial report:
General Fund….. ….$12,053.69
Pay Pal……………     $5,286.24
Activity Fund………   $15,889.75
Other…………………….. $55.22
Total                           $33,284.90

Loan balance: $9,850.96

Event Committee:
Ashley shared that would be getting a computer and screen from Cali Hlavac for outdoor movies.

Old Business:

  1. Spillway repair. Joe shared that we would owe Koke’s approximately $36,000 when complete. Joe stated when dam repairs had first started, he talked to NRD about receiving a grant of 20% of total expenses when work was completed.  He will follow up with them.
  2. Discussion was held concerning the need for “Not Responsible for Accidents” signage. Brent shared that a sign can mean pre-admission of guilt, and would recommend reconsideration on posting of signs.   A “No Diving” sign was posted by the new dock by the dam.
  3. Water Measurement.
  4. Line of Credit. The bank provided a 90-day extension to rollover note.  Needed to pay $24.83 in interest to become current.  Norm made a motion to utilize ELC property as collateral for bank loan due to small in-house loan.  Motion seconded by Donna.  Motion carried unanimously
  5. Attorney Communication. Norm provided update.  Have signed an agreement of service with attorney.  Attorney called about negotiations.  There is a hearing on August 24th about the motion at the courthouse.

New Business:

  1. Land Terry Held bought from Renner is zoned AG.  Needs to be residential.  In process of zoning change.
  2. Cash Flow Projections. Amy explained she was still working on the 2019 to 2020 comparison and the cash flow projection.  She will email them to the board upon completion.  Current figures show camping income up 61% YOY
  3. Discussed whether we should put rock on Plamondon and The Boulevard to dead end to show we are doing maintenance.  Determined we will not be doing rock at this time.  Norm stated we should continue to mow the Boulevard from property line to the lake as we have been doing for years.  Plamondon is also being mowed by the Lake Association members at this time for the Lake.
  4. Swimming Spot. Discussion was had on making an additional swim beach on the south end of lake by the fish dock.  Motion made by Nick to not add a swim beach by the dam.  Motion seconded by Chris.  Motion carried unanimously.
  5. Joe shared our insurance agent would like to do a zoom meeting regarding our insurance.  Asked for board member availability.  Currently hold liability insurance for ELC.  Board members liability of $1 million.  ELC Building is insured, and Bobcat is insured.  Terry Held Building is not currently insured.  Joe will try to get zoom meeting set up.
  6. Wash Out Repair. Need rip-rap on berm where river contacts the berm.
  7. Joe stated bylaws have been uploaded to the website.
  8. NRD Discussion. This has been put on hold for now.  Lawsuit comes first.
  9. Donations to help defray legal expenses will be accepted.

Open Forum

  1. Hand Pump. Paul shared the hand pump at the camp site is broken and needs repaired.
  2. A tree on the northeast corner of tent camp site has a tree that needs to be addressed.  Is leaning, and possible hazard.  Trees at all campsites will need cleaned up.

Motion was made by Tom to go into Executive Session.  Motion seconded by Paul.  Motion carried unanimously.  Went into Executive Session at 10:25am.

Motion was made by Tom to leave Executive Session. Motion seconded by Chris. Motion carried unanimously.  Left Executive Session at 11:05am

Chris will talk to Hurley about moving 2 storage buildings on ELC property.

Motion to adjourn by Tom.  Motion seconded by Chris.  Meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.

Next meeting will be September 18, 2020 at 9:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Hlavac