April 2016



APRIL 16, 2016    1:00 PM

Larry Belz
Tom Haase
Charlie Krohn, Sec.
Tracy Lantis

Mike Armstrong
Paul Claus, Treasurer
Kevin Hlavac
Derald Watson, Vice Pres.

Chris Levander
Donna Uhrenholdt
Joe Wadas, President
Steve Wenz

The Ericson Lake Corporation Board of Directors met on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 1 PM at the ELC building following the morning workday.

Present: Larry Belz, Charlie Krohn, Paul Claus, Kevin Hlavac, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas, and Steve Wenz, with Chris Levander arriving late.

Absent: Tom Haase, Tracy Lantis, Mike Armstrong, Derald Watson


TREASURER’S REPORT: Paul reported the following balances in accounts: General, $15,359; Carousel, $6,402; Raffle, $2,882; and PayPal, $586. The bank loan is being left open at $550.70 in case it becomes necessary to borrow to pay expenses. There are 66 dues-payers so far.

Discussion Items and Motions:

  • Steve and Becky Wenz arranged for gravel to be put on Francke Avenue from Entrance A to Entrance B at a cost of approximately $450. They are going to approach property owners along the street for help with payment of the bill.
  • The Centennial Committee will be hosting a 5K Fun Run on July 23 and are requesting to rent additional portable restrooms for the event. It was noted that some could be rented for the entire month of July due to the extra events being planned. Kevin gave a short update on events being planned. MOTION BY PAUL, SECOND BY WENZ, TO GIVE FUNDING AS NEEDED TO COVER COSTS OF CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE EVENTS; MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.
  • Clean-up was done around the Carousel area and it was noted that the lilacs are old enough that they no longer bloom. If they were removed, there would be better access and additional parking available for the newly renovated Carousel. MOTION BY DONNA, SECOND BY CHRIS, TO REMOVE THE LILACS IN THE CAROUSEL AREA; MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.
  • Joe will get the Member Newsletter sent out in early May to cover Memorial Day weekend events.
  • An engineer visited the lake on the morning of April 16 to evaluate the possibility of an above-ground septic system. The board agreed to get estimates of the cost. It is $450 to get a state permit.
  • Paul has lined up another estimate for concrete under the carousel. MOTION BY LARRY, SECOND BY WENZ TO PROCEED WITH 4” THICK CONCRETE, GOING OUT 3’ BEYOND THE CAROUSEL, WITH SLEEVES AROUND THE POSTS AND SIDEWALKS FROM THE PORTABLE RESTROOM AND TO THE FLAGS WITH THE COSTS TO BE SHARED BY THE ELC, THE RAFFLE AND THE CAROUSEL COMMITTEE WITH SHARES OF PAYMENT TO BE DETERMINED; MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. The work could possibly be completed before Memorial Day weekend. It was also mentioned that concrete in front of the ELC building could be looked into.
  • Joe reported that there is a severe wash-out on the south end of the berm that he will have Frahm address first when he is at the lake for the work he would do that was agreed to at the March meeting.
  • Discussion on the number of board members needed; some felt that having 12 on the board ensures that a quorum can be assembled at meetings due to lack of attendance by some.
  • Joe reported trouble with Gate 1 at the dam; it may need to be sent in for adjustment and tuning.


  • Kevin and Lori Hlavac, who installed an electronic sign in the window of the ELC building that can be operated remotely.
  • Brent Pickrel, who has taken over the ELC website and will be keeping the minutes posted each month.
  • Gary Laughlin for marking the washouts under the armored shoreline; they were filled in on the workday.
  • Ed and Kevin Knott for the use of their bobcat for the workday.
  • All who helped at the Saturday morning workday: Steve Wenz, Larry and LoAnn Belz, Paul and Theresa Claus, Joe and Chris Wadas, Kevin Hlavac, Bob Massoth, Pastor Jerry Schoenenberger, Donna and Rich Uhrenholdt, Chris, Ron and Tony Levander, Charlie and Cheryl Krohn, Wayne Boilesen, Paul Claus III, and Josh Gompert.
  • The workday accomplished: cutting dead trees at the beach and clean-up around the bathhouse; clean-up around the carousel, filling washouts along the shoreline and on the roads, and creating better drainage in front of the ELC building.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Krohn, Recording Secretary

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