Annual Meeting July 4, 2020

41st Annual Ericson Lake Corporation Meeting
Saturday, July 4, 2020 – 10:00 AM

Meeting called to Order by President Joe Wadas

A. Pledge of Allegiance

B. Mission Statement

C. Roll Call
     Present: Joe Wadas, Tom Haase, Paul Claus Jr, Chris Levander, Mike Knake, Nick Merriman, Kevin Hlavac, Jason Becker, Ashley Kaiser
Absent:  Jerry Schoenenberger, Donna Uhrenholdt, Carry Deeds

  1. Introduction of candidates for the ELC Board: Paul Claus Jr, Ashley Kaiser, Kevin Hlavac and
    Norm Meith. Carry Deeds has sold his property at the lake and no longer on the board and Jason Becker is not re-running this term. Need another nomination from the floor.  Amy Gizinski volunteered to run for the board.
  2. Past Full Term Presidents Recognized: Stu Myers and Jerry Henn Present
  3. Recognition of Past Board Directors – Thank you!
  4. Recognition of newest members this last year.
  5. Recognition of paid members

D. VOTING:  Reminder for everyone to turn in any outstanding ballots or board members, volunteer of the year and yard of the year.   For Board Members, the person with the least amount of votes will replace Carry Deeds for a 1 year term.

E. Secretary’s Report  Minutes of last year’s annual meeting were posted at the sign in table and online.  It was asked if anybody wanted last year’s minutes read aloud, no. Motion was made by John Anderson and seconded by Roger Helgoth to approve last year’s minutes as they stand.

F. Treasurer’s Report:   ELC has $11,521 in the bank.  $4,861 of that is in the Paypal account that was from the camping reservations.  Events Committee has $15,890 that is being held to use for a tornado shelter when one becomes available through the wind generator farm at a reasonable cost.
We still owe $9,300 to the Bank and approx. $25,000 to Kokes Construction for the remainder of the repair work to the apron and dam from the flood last spring.

So far this year we have spent approx. $7,000 on the dam repair so far.

It was brought to our attention that along the dam road at the emergency spill way where the river hits the bank and turns is washing out.  There is a 15 ft. section where the rock and geo fabric is gone and it is starting to wash away. That will need to be repaired.

As of this morning there are 92 dues paying members.

G. Old Business
There is $86,852 in the endowment.  Approx. $3,200 of interest available to use.  Last two years we have spent the interest to purchase a new lawn mower and put in lights and electrical at the Terry Held Building.

Tornado Shelter is still on hold.   The shelters we are looking at purchasing from the wind farm are still in use.  Waiting for them to become available.

Bridge was tabled last year and still on hold unless somebody would like to make a donation to repair it and have it placed as a memorial or have it named after them.  If not the bridge will remain parked at the old golf course for the time being.

Remember when putting trash in the dumpsters please fill the back first.  We are charged extra for trash that is piled or left on the ground.

H. New Business
Reminder for everyone to please slow down and be cautions there are a lot of young children out here playing at the lake.

It was brought to our attention that small children on golf carts are driving out on the county roads.  Please discuss with your children to not ride golf carts on the county roads.

It was also brought to our attention that the kids playing sign that was put up by a property owner who has young children playing was deliberately ran over, damaged and the flag stolen.   Please respect other people’s property at the lake.

There have been new stop signs put up at the corners by the ELC Building to avoid accidents.

The board is requesting no golf carts or ATVs on the grass along the lake front to avoid spreading sandburs to these areas.

It was discussed to come up with thoughts about only dues paying members having ATV’s and golf carts on the trails. We are not voting on this at this time, but want your thoughts.

Water Test:  Tom Haase collected and tested water samples from the Artisian well, hydrants along the lake front and camps sites.  All levels came back really good.  The board has the results to share.

Reminder there will be a bake sale after the meeting today from noon to 4:00 along with a silent auction and split the pot.  All proceeds going to the lake.

There will be no Labor Day auction this year.  In the past the most dollars came from the baked goods and it was costing the lake over $400 to dispose of items left after the sale. Please do not bring any items to the ELC building for auction this year.

Joe has been trying to post recognition for cleanup and volunteer projects done at the lake on the lake’s Facebook page.  We want to thank Ron Johnson for the new sign at the swim beach as that has not been posted yet. Thank you Ron and everybody for all your work to make the lake look great.

Fall clean up will be in September.

Golf Cart Parade will be at 5:00 today at the ELC Building.

I. Road SID
Joe explained the process of how the ELC thought we owned the roads for the past 40+ years and the process with Norton’s that has led us to where we are today.

If the SID would pass, it is the boards intention that the platted but unopened roads that have been maintained or have buildings on them etc., the adjacent owner or owners could own that property if they pay for the survey and cost to transfer.  That way they would be paying taxes on them.

Right now 92 people pay their dues and for maintenance around the lake.  There are 100+ don’t.  The SID would make it so all owners are paying to help maintain the roads.

Joe and Paul have been personally signing for the loans at the lake since the lake does not have collateral to be used.  With the new owners of the bank that will not be allowed and any president or board member after will not want to be personally liable for the lakes loan.

Gerry Dunlap at the Bank presented a letter that was attached to everyone’s agenda explaining the benefits financially to have an SID and gave an example of the lower interest that could be offered and money it would save.

Floor open to the public to speak.
Tom Armstrong, non-dues paying member, addressed his opposition for the SID and the management of funds by the board.
Bill Norton, non-dues paying member, addressed his opposition for the SID
Amy Gizinski, dues paying member,  questions about the how the SID would be setup, how trustees would be voted on and budget.
Jim Smith, dues paying member, addressed his opposition for the SID and letter that he emailed out to everyone.
Sandi Klein, dues paying member, questions about the SID and information heard about NRD wanting the dam.
Joe Wadas addressed the NRD Question.  We have reached out to the NRD several times in the past and they have not been interested in the lake or dam.  We have heard they may be willing to listen again, but have not been able to meet with them since COVID.  There are 3 options: #1 taking over the Dam only, which does not sound like they would consider, #2 taking over the Dam and camp grounds, which would mean we would lose all income from camping, #3 Dam, Campsites and the back side of the lake.
This is still up in the air and a long way from a decision at this time.
Stu Myers, dues paying member, discussed how things ran when he was president and amount of dues.
Derald Watson, dues paying member, questions about the SID and cost.
Larry Belz, dues paying member, additional questions about the SID, more specific information needed to present to the public.
John Schmidt, dues paying member.  John requested that there be additional research done and present the public a proposal with a 5 year, 10 year, 15 year plan for the SID

John Schmidt made a motion that the SID be tabled until all additional information can be gathered and submitted to the public as a proposal.  Seconded by Stu Myers.  Motion Carried.   John volunteered to help with the information and proposal.

J. Results of Voting
2020 Yard of the Year:  Hickey’s.
2020 Volunteer of the Year:  Kevin & Trice Knott
2020 Board Members:  Paul Claus, Kevin Hlavac, Ashley Kaiser, Norm Meith and Amy Gizinski.  Amy will take Carey’s place with 1 year left in the term.

Next Annual Meeting will be Saturday, July 3, 2021

Motion by Paul Claus Jr. to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jane Peterson.

Respectfully submitted,
Ashley Kaiser

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