Annual Meeting – July 2019

Lake Ericson Association 40th Annual Meeting

Saturday, July 6, 2019 – 10:30 AM

Meeting called to order at 10:30 a.m. by President Wadas

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lake Ericson Mission statement

1) Introductions and Roll Call

Roll Call

Present: Larry Belz, Paul Claus Jr., Josh Gompert, Tom Haase, Kevin Hlavac, Ashley Kaiser, Chris Levander, Donna Uhrenholdt, Joe Wadas

Absent: Jason Becker, Carey Deeds, Jerry Schoenenberger

A) Introduction was made for candidates running for the ELC Board. Jerry Schoenenberger and Tom Haase are up for reelection. Josh Gompert and Larry Belz are stepping down from the board this year.  Leaving 4 positions to fill.  Mike Knake and Nick Merriman volunteered to run.  Joe made a motion and carried unanimously for Jerry, Tom, Mike & Nick to fill the 4 open positions, unless anyone else would like to volunteer for the board.

We would like to thank Josh and Larry for their years of service and dedication to Lake Ericson and the Board.

B) Introduction of Past ELC Presidents in attendance at the meeting: Jerry Henn

C) Asking for any new ELC members present at the meeting to introduce themselves: Al “Bud” Wunderlich is a new member for this year. Welcome to the Lake!

2) Secretary’s Report

Several copies of last years minutes were printed off to be looked over.  Motion was made by Paul Claus III to approve last years minutes, second by Chance Luscomb.

3) Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report:  Dues, Campsite Donations & Bills

I. Membership Account

There are 87 paid memberships by the end of annual meeting

II. Report/Finance

Current bank account balances

General fund………....… $1,258.00

Dam repair……………….. $55.22

Pay Pal………………………. $4,297.79

Events……………………….  14,568.07

Total……………………...  $20,179.08

Outstanding bills to Kokes Construction for approx. $19,000 for rock and repairs, Rasmussen Land Surveying for approx. $4,250 and Attorney Bill.  We have spent $22,230 so far on attorney fees and cost for the Norton Lawsuit.   Motion made by Virginia Oseka to approve the treasurers report, second by Roger Helgoth.

At this time, we have not taken a loan out from the bank.  We are looking into it and have been approved to borrow $50,000.  There are additional repairs that need to be made at the dam from the flooding in March and on Memorial Weekend.   We are working with the NRD to try to get up to 25% from the NRD from repairs due to the flooding.  We are also looking into another federal avenue to recover some flood repair cost, right now they are only funding governmental agencies so we do not know if we will qualify.

Again, the lake is not eligible to receive any assistance or funding through FEMA.  When the dam was put in early 2000’s FEMA funded some of the project in their contract is a clause that we are not able to receive any FEMA funding for 55 years.

The Events Committee will be using their funds to purchase a storm shelter for the lake.  At the time we are still raising funds for this project.

Terry Held Building.  The lake took possession of the “Terry Held Building” on Dec. 31, 2018.  Terry had an agreement with the lake to put up the building on ELC property for his personal use for 7 years and donate it to the lake after that.  Unfortunately, Terry passed away before the 7 years was up.  His estate has now transferred the building to the ELC.  Building is valued at $40,000.  In the near future the board would like to move the equipment out of the current headquarters to the Held building and use the corporation building for meetings and functions.   We would like to thank the Held family for their generosity.

The Bridge will continue to remain on hold.

The only fund raiser for the lake this year is the Fall Auction on Labor Day weekend.  Please bring good quality items to donate.  We are also looking for volunteers to help with the sale.

4) Norton Lawsuit

Information and timeline was presented to the ELC members present regarding the Norton Lawsuit.  (see ERICSON LAKE 2018-2019 TIMELINE)

The ELC is looking into the possibility of forming a Road Improvement District to gain possession and control of all the roads at the lake.  This would be forthcoming for we are still looking into options.  Members would be made aware of the status and there would need to be a vote to progress with that option.

The SID feasibility study done last year and Norton Lawsuit are 2 separate issues.  The SID project is on hold at this time, yet to come.  If or when the lake decides to pursue the SID the property owners will need to vote.

Several questions and discussion were brought up in regard to the options of regaining possession and ownership of the roads.  These are all things we are currently looking into getting answers for ourselves.

5) Yard of the Year / Volunteer of the Year

Numerous people were submitted for volunteer of the year and yard of the year.  This years winners are…  Josh Gompert for Volunteer of the Year and Larry & LoAnn Belz for Yard of the year. Congrats!

New Business
I) Generator for Dam

Joe presented the need for a generator at the dam to raise and lower the gates if the power is out.  There is not enough time to get all of the gates open in time when having to open them manually.  Case in point on Memorial Weekend the Broken Arrow Lake located about 12 miles NW of Ericson broke causing our 2nd flood of the year.  The power was out during this time and the gates had to be raised manually.  Thankfully, the lake was at a lower capacity due to repairs and the gates were barely opened in time. According to Engineers we are going to continue to see an increased water flow from upstream due to the path that was eroded through the sandhills from the Broken Arrow.  The new course for this water is now to drain into the Cedar River and Lake Ericson. Joe received a quote for the type of generator needed (480 Volt 3-Phase with Auto Switch) was around $14,000. Chance Luscomb said he has another outlet to look at for Generators and will see if he can find one at a lower cost.

II) Reminder to put trash in the back of the dumpsters first.

III)  Suggestion was made by Jeannie Mettenbrink to post a list of items or volunteer projects that need to be done around the lake so people who have some free time can work on accomplishing those tasks.   After the boards discussion we will be making a link on the website to post a list of tasks to do.  We will come up with some of these at the next months board meeting.

IV) Thank you to everyone that helped with the Spring Cleanup. This year was by far the best turn out for volunteers and a lot was accomplished. Shore line was raked to remove debris left on the banks from the flooding, trees were cut and cleaned up around the dam, the dam campsite and river camp entrance, the park was raked, benches were placed around the lake short and over looks on the back side of the lake, wash outs in the roads repaired just to name a few.

V) Fall Cleanup Day will be September 21, 2019

VI) June wanted to remind everyone that the minutes from the monthly board meetings and the annual meetings minutes are posted on the website ( You can also sign up to receive the minutes via email, just send her an email from the contact us email on the website. It was also brought up as a reminder that the monthly board meetings are open to the public 9:30 AM on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the ELC Building.  This is a great time to ask questions, post concerns etc.

VII) Reminder Golf Cart Parade tonight at 5:00 PM, Meet in front of ELC Building.

VIII) Split the pot winner was Joe Wadas for $185, which was donated back to the lake for a total donation of $370.  Thank you everyone who bought tickets.

Motion was made by Jane Peterson to Adjourn the meeting, Second by Ashley Kaiser

Meeting for board immediately following to elect officers.

Next annual meeting with be on July 4, 2020 at 10:30 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Ashley Kaiser, Board Member